Well, it’s another new year! At times 2019 felt like it was stuck in a boring cycle, and then it seems all of the crazy stuff that usually happens decided to come out of the woodwork during the last few weeks of the year. Let’s hope 2020 is better for everyone.
I don’t remember how long it’s been since the last type of Q&A post was out, so I decided that the first post in 2020 may as well be that.

What are your plans for 2020?

Hmm.. not sure yet, I might bring forth some stuff from my other site and shut it down because it’s been hard to keep up with this site let alone two. I was looking into health supplements, but it seemed that more seemed to be geared towards weight loss and I’m not sure I want to end up recommending it.
I also want to get back to making slightly more tips/hacks posts, but I also don’t want to end up making like 10 similar “emergency kit” stuff. I’m also thinking about doing a “battle of the concealers” but I have to wait until I have some from the list I made. I’m also going to make an updated list of where to get K-beauty products.

How’s it going?

It’s been going, but to the viewers, how was your 2019?  Mine was boring and then the last few weeks got crazy (as you know from my statement above lol). I’m honestly not ready for the rest of 2020, I’ll be turning 19 in like 8 days, and my rabbits are already about 5 years old. Not to mention my parents are also getting older by a year, so yeah I’m kind of not ready.


IG: @vesalisa
Twitter: @M_Vesalisa
Though you should know that I very rarely tweet, I really don’t think I have anything much to say about stuff unless it’s reviews so I usually refrain lol. You’ll probably just find some liked tweets about animals and stuff. I’m more active on instagram, but I only usually post when there’s something interesting.


I want to say very rare, I’m insecure about how I look and also very paranoid about having my picture visible to the public on social media. The closest I think I ever got to posting a selfie on my IG was the time when I had the purple ombre, even though most of my face was cropped out.
I’m trying to work on building a little bit of confidence to posting pictures for product reviews so it’s easier to see the before/after effects.

Well, I know this is short, but if you have any other Q&A questions feel free to leave them below. If you decide to tweet them at me, I’ll use them for the next Q&A whenever that is..


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