It’s been over 3 months since I’ve opened the CosRx Vitamin E Serum, and I promised another follow-up review after a few months.

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First off, my initial review of the Vitamin E serum can be found here, if you want to read it. I do recommend reading it or giving a cursory glance because I won’t be going over a lot of the details that I had on that post.
I finished using the serum sometime late December or late January, I don’t remember clearly. . . But I do want to say that using it day and night for 3 months didn’t empty the bottle at all, maybe it’s because I use very small amounts but by the time 3 months were up I only used about 30% of the serum. It’s kind of a waste and my mom ended up taking it to use up the rest, she didn’t see any side effects but yeah there’s that.


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One thing I didn’t note in my other review was that I used it as a regular serum and also layered it between serums, but after that, I started mixing it into my night cream. The serum claims to be moisturizing or hydrating and while it’s true, it’s not strong enough alone. It was fine for my oilier/normal skin but for the dry splotches during the winter season, it didn’t fare as well.
My mom also mixes drops of the serum into her creams during the day and night, so for anyone who is looking into using the vitamin E serum from CosRx, I highly recommend mixing it into your cream than using it alone.

The serum made my skin look much healthier, but I don’t think using it during the winter seasons in a colder country is best. As I said, it isn’t super moisturizing alone and needed to be layered between or with other serums for the best results.

If you’re looking for a “one-stop” product, this isn’t it. But it’s perfect as a serum that boosts and works well with other serums since it played nice with a lot of the products I used it with.

COSRX – Real Fit Vitamin E Serum E-20 20ml


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