It is now early November, the time where the weather starts to cool down and everyone starts bringing out their cooler weather jackets. What’s better? Starbucks’ winter seasonal items are now available to try! Here are 5 of their drinks, I feel you should try this November.
1. Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino
First up, is the PWCM frappuccino. Now I know not a lot of people would get frappes in the winter since drinking a cold drink in the winter wouldn’t really make sense, however, it’s still worth a try. The ones I’ve had in the past were quite sweet (to get you through your classes after lunch) so if you are not a fan of sweets, try the regular PMF.
2. Gingerbread Frappuccino
This Frappuccino is one of the few drinks on the Starbucks winter menu that I haven’t tried. Sounds like a good drink match if you like gingerbread and frappes.
3. Snickerdoodle hot cocoa
This drink is another one of the drinks on my “haven’t tried” list, I don’t really know what a snickerdoodle is but I’m assuming it’s a cookie or biscuit?
4. Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha
The PWCM is one of my all time favourite drinks, whether in Frappe form or the regular hot version. Both taste just as good, and you would see me asking my friends to try it. Once again, the white chocolate version is sweeter so try the original peppermint mocha if you aren’t a fan of sweets.
5. Gingerbread Steamer
This gingerbread steamer is basically steamed milk infused with gingerbread flavours, it is another one of the drinks that I’ve yet to try but sounds pretty good. It’s better for those who want to get something from Starbucks that doesn’t contain caffeine.
These are some of the 5 Starbucks drinks I think you should try this November and December, have any others you feel should be on the list? Have you tried any of these? How did you like it? Let me know in the comments below!


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