I had thought to do  separate  reviews about the products I’ve used/tested, but some of the reviews seemed like it would be a bit short so I just decided to compile 5 reviews into one. The rest would either be released as single review posts or another compiled one like this. For this review list I’ll be talking about; 16brand Sixteen Eye Magazine, Beauty People Pearl Pigment Pact,  Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet, Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar and Elf’s Bubble Hydrating Mask.

16Brand ~ Sixteen Eye Magazine

The first time I saw this was on Instagram, and I was so interested in this! It seemed like it should make eye shadow application easier, or be great for people who tend to be on the rush. So I got it immedietly after it started shipping within 24hrs on YesStyle.
So far, the eye shadow is much more pigmented than some of my other eye shadows and goes on smoothly. The case is smaller than most eye shadows  but is pretty sturdy, and the little brush is so cute! Overall, I would recommend this and right now I can’t find any faults with this product.

Beauty People Pearl Pigment Pact

The Pearl Pigment Pact was one of the first eyeshadows I ever got, so I didn’t really have high expectations. However, now that I’m somewhat familiar with makeup, I now know that it’s not the best. Pigment-wise, it’s the bomb. But the colours are not really like advertised in the pictures….

I got the colour glow light, which seemed to be a pink-silver eye shadow with gold “pearls”. However I got something that looked more like gold eye shadow with pink tones. And yes I did double check that I got the right colour.
The eye shadow also seemed to be more flakey-looking than smooth-looking like in the pictures…


**I do not own this image, this image was retrieved from Yesstyle.com’s product pictures. All rights go to Yesstyle/the owners of the image**
Aside from those two inconsistencies, it is a good eye shadow but not the best and not the worst. I rarely use this because it is a pain to remove, but I still love it enough to incorporate it into some looks. I would only recommend this if you don’t mind getting a colour slightly different than pictures, and wouldn’t mind with the small amount of glitter fallout when removing it.

Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet

Peripera’s Ink The Airy Velvet was my very first introduction into liquid lip products, and it kind of got me used to how liquid lip products generally work. It’s got this really  nice velvety texture (hence the name), and the colours are pretty nice. I ended up getting  the colour number 5; Elf Light Rose.

**I do not own this image, this image was retrieved from Yesstyle’s product pictures. All rights go back to Yesstyle/the owners of the image**
The colour is mostly true to that in the picture, however it tends to come out a little more pink on my lips. Even then, it still looks really cute so it’s got no complaints!

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar

Laneige’s two tone lip bar was one of the first items that I ever saw and got super interested in, however at that time, the price was a little more than expensive so I held off getting it until then. I got it for $18.68 CAD at the time, and it retails for about $35 CAD at sephora. The lip bar I got was their tint version, in tint  mint.

**I do not own this image, this image was retrieved from Yesstyle.com’s product pictures. All rights go to Yesstyle/the owners of this image**
I actually was planning to get either Cotton Candy or Fruits Candy Bar, however I opted for a coral-red colour instead when I found swatches.
Since then, I believe Laneige has come out with Two Tone Lipstick Bars as well as two tone eyeshadow bars.
The tint side of the lip bar is really pigmented and anything more than 3 swipes, kind of creates this really bright coral-red colour on my lips. Other than that caution, it’s a good product for those on the go!

Elf Bubble Hydrating Mask

I got the bubble hydrating mask because it was similar to Elizavecca’s carbonated mud mask, so I had assumed that this would be easier to use. However the few times I actually used the mask, wasn’t pleasant. I know that there are a lot of people who love this mask, but I’m not one of them.

I don’t have sensitive skin, but the mask had left a burning sensation on my face after a few minutes of using it. After washing it off, it left my face feeling dry rather than hydrated. My biggest complaint of this however, was the scent. The mask smelled really strongly of hand sanitizer or something along the lines of that, and caused my eyes to water whenever I used it.
I’ve only used it two times, and ended up passing it over to my mom who actually likes the product.

Here’s all the 5 reviews for items I’ve used, have you used any of these before? Or  did you use the hydrating bubble mask from elf? Let me know in the comments below!


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