Whether you’re looking for something to do super last minute with your Valentine, Galentine, partner, by yourself, etc. Here are 5 ideas to go with! This idea dump ranges everywhere from outings, restaurants, gifts and etc.

1. Brunch

There’s nothing better than to surprise them with a late brunch, or early brunch if that’s your thing! There’s gotta be a few brunch places close by, or if the best one is a little bit away? Make a day of it if you can!

Can’t take them out? Ordering delivery for them is possible!

If you’re in Toronto, I recommend Fran’s Restaurant for brunch. While I’ve yet to eat there, I’ve heard good things.

2. Lunch/Dinner

Maybe brunch isn’t your thing, but lunch or dinner is the better option. Take them out to a restaurant, you can choose together or go to a favourite. For those with valentines, bonus if you choose a restaurant that you both like or they like.

Lunch can be a casual thing, but for dinner make it personal/intimate/classy. You don’t have to break the bank but look around, there are great places.

If you’re in Toronto, I recommend checking out Petit Potato! It’s Taiwanese and Japanese cuisine though their menu has items from Korean cuisine as well. It looks super fancy on the inside and the food is reasonably priced! Go a little early because it fills up fast during dinner time.

Other options for dinner would be the restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, and the Sky Tower thing in Niagara Falls.

3. Dessert

Dessert on Valentine’s Day is a must, unless it’s a preference not to have dessert then that’s fine too. However, for dessert places, they’re often in the same restaurants people might consider for dinner. If you can get it to go, take the party home to enjoy the dessert and the rest of your day.

In Toronto, I recommend Mabu Generation and Petit Potato. While there are other cafes that do great desserts, these two have really nice-looking ones to share.

4. Flowers

Flowers are a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day, maybe not so much if the other party is allergic to certain types but silk flowers should make up for it. I know most florists would sell out really early on but some will still have a small variety left.

5. Romance Binge

If you aren’t up to heading out this Valentine’s day, you can binge on some romance novels, webtoons or shows/movies. I personally haven’t seen romcoms or anything romance-based in a while, but there is a new movie coming out on valentines day. I’ll probably re-watch Pride, Prejudice and Zombies after class. If you’re looking to binge on some books, check out titles like; Love Hypothesis, The Highland Fling and Mr. Malcom’s List. I also recommend starting a series like Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau series, Vested Interest by Melanie Moreland and A League of Rogues by Lauren Smith.

Looking for more book-related stuff? Check out my book blog here.

Keeping the list short so it’s quicker for you to go through, and easier for you to get ideas and spend time where it matters. It’s really easy to get carried away suggesting this and that for Valentine’s Day but I think being able to come up with your own ideas and just having fun is a good start. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!


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