So last Friday was a day off for the students in my school (not sure if other schools had it too?) and my mom and I took that chance to go for a yearly checkup at the family doctor’s as well as tour a little bit of the underground PATH systems. We got lost a few times but things turned out well!
PATH is Toronto’s mostly underground walkway that spans about 30 kilometres worth of shopping, services and entertainment. My mom and I spent roughly an hour or so exploring the PATH systems from the Sheraton Hotel to Union station before heading back up to Eaton Centre.
We got turned around a few times (seriously, it’s confusing even with the signs) and stopped to occasionally look at the little stores.

PATH entrance at the Sheraton Hotel downtown.

On a Friday afternoon there was a lot of people milling about, from people exploring the area like us, to office workers going to get lunch or heading back to their office. There are multiple food courts that are typically a 5min walk away in the PATH systems so if you don’t find what you want, keep walking and you can probrobably find it in 5-10minutes.
There are various sushi stalls along with fine dining restaurants (I only saw one but I probably wasn’t looking hard enough). However at almost every other turn you might just run into a Starbucks, you can decide if that’s a good or bad thing. We stopped by Lindt’s chocolate bar which had that beverage counter and ordered their Iced Which chocolate mocha. Which I think also comes with a choice of one of the Lindt chocolates, I got the gingerbread one and it paired perfectly with the drink.
I believe they only have one size of cup so I can’t really say if the drink was expensive or okay priced. I felt that it would be a good purchase just to try, since it felt like I was drinking iced liquid chocolate LOL.
Have you visited the PATH in Toronto? How did you like it? Would you want to visit it if you haven’t? Let me know in the comments!


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