I’ll be very honest, running this blog since July of 2017 has been great. I don’t see this becoming a full time thing, but I know this won’t be discontinued or anything like that. My blog and topics have mainly been focused around Beauty, and the broad topic of Lifestyle. Despite having a Real Talk tag to balance some of the lighter stuff with real discussions, I sometimes feel awkward with some topics.

Written Jan 6th, 2020.
Now I’ll just make a note, I don’t talk about politics. I think the closest that I’ll ever touch upon that topic would be “It’s time to vote!” or something like that. I just find that it’s easy to get really riled up with politics, and it also doesn’t coincide with beauty so Lol.
Anyways to get to the actual topic I want to talk about, this is awkward so if you don’t want to read something like this I’ll have something closer to my regular content on the 16th.

The legal drinking age in Canada is 18 for Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec. And 19 for the rest of the country. I reside in Ontario so I find it interesting that at 18 I’m considered an “adult” and allowed to vote in elections, but also not “adult” nor responsible enough to drink. Kind of ironic, but I also figured that the 1 year gap was for us to be done with the crazy 18 stuff and mature a little before adding alcohol to the mix. Makes sense.
If I’m not mistaken, the drinking age in the US is 21 or so. So there’s that little tidbit of information. Honestly, I thought that was the same for Canada too Lol.
My little overthinking moment is that I’m curious but also very scared (in a way) of alcohol. I want to ask more to know more about it, why it’s consumed, etc. But not one person in my family talks about alcohol outside of the “watch your drink when out” spiel, I assume it’s to discourage kids from drinking heavily when they can.
I’m also the kind of person that wants to know little details; like what does it mean when a wine is “dry”? Not to mention, how does alcohol taste? Why are there different types and price points? What is the difference between beer and wine? What type of alcohol is suggested for beginners? And etc.

By the time this comes out, I’ll be 19. My parents made a big deal about me turning 18, and finally being an adult. But for me, turning both 18 and then 19 is a big deal. 18 because you can start voting, and 19 to start “adulting” AKA reasonable and responsible alcohol consumption.
As I said before, I’ve always been curious. I wasn’t one to really break the rules so I never went to parties or snuck a sip of wine, so I think I’m safe from going on a drinking spree.
My Plan:
My birthday is on a Friday, so I was thinking of choosing a bottle of Rosè wine that’s either Medium or Sweet and to have a small amount of that after dinner. Or alongside some cheese and crackers and etc sometime Friday evening. I volunteer the next day so I won’t be getting super drunk, so no need to worry there.
I’m also super excited because I know I’ll be trying a glass with my mom, and she hasn’t had a great experience with wines before so I’m hoping my newfound knowledge will change her opinion a little bit. I think at best, her least disliked drink was a rum concoction while we were on a cruise.

Written Jan 11th, 2020.
How it went:
We ended up getting a Rose wine and it was alright, still bitter but I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought it would be. If I ever drink again in the future, I think I’m sticking to fruity cocktails or something like that.​


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