My blog topics are really random to be honest, so when I found these while looking for Lunch, I thought why not? They’re instant noodles (I think) that supposedly have an Abalone inside. I’m a little confused as to if the abalone is dried or if this should’ve been put into the freezer when my mom first bought it. My next thought was on how it would taste, because I’ve had abalone before and some were awesome and other times they tasted bland. Click “read more” if your curious about the Abalone Instant Noodles!
The Instant noodles with Abalone inside were around $10 when I asked my mom about it, and is a product of Malaysia from what I read on the back.

When I opened up the package I thought for sure that there wouldn’t be any abalone inside, so I started following the instructions to cook it. After opening up the oil (?) package I heard two distinct splashes that wasn’t liquid sounding. I started fishing around the soup stock with my chopsticks and low and behold! I picked out two bite sized pieces of abalone.
I just stood there for about a minute staring at it in awe, then I just continued on with cooking the noodles and following the instructions.
After finishing, I put everything into a bowl and began to eat. The soup was okay and not the best, but it wasn’t bad. It smelled strongly of herbs however, so if you do decide to try this, remove any jackets and etc that can absorb cooking odours. The noodles were like any other instant noodles but thicker I guess. The abalone? They were real abalone! I have no idea how the manufacturers pulled it off but I suspect a ton of preservatives…
Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the lowest and 10 being the highest. I would rate this product a 8.5. I would have liked the soup to be slightly more flavourful but it could be my fault since I added a bit too much water…however the concept of having abalone in instant noodles/ramen is what gives it a high rating.
Have you tried abalone instant noodles/ramen before? How did you like it? Have you had abalone before? Let me know in the comments!


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