AMPLE:N is a brand that you may have seen on and off skincare social media, and it’s been popping off lately! I got the chance to try two of their ampoules and I’m very excited to share my experience of the ampoules with you! Read on to hear my thoughts about it.

There were two ampoules in the review set so I’ll be making this a two-part series, and as always, I received these products for free from Picky and Coreana in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

For this first blog post, I’ll be sharing my experience with arguably the most popular ampoule; AMPLE:N’s Peptide Shot. I originally posted this review as a reel on Instagram.

AMPLE:N’s Peptide Shot Ampoule, also known as “The Worm Serum”

This ampoule is most notable for its appearance because the peptide chains are visible. When I first saw this ampoule, people called it the “worm serum” and I thought that it was pretty cool that there were visible peptide chains. My first time seeing it in person was when I helped one of my aunties order this for her skincare routine, and checked out the product in the packaging before handing it over to her. So I’m excited that I got the chance to try it out!

Texture of the Peptide Shot Ampoule in the bottle

The packaging for the ampoule is rather simple, white boxes, green logo and pink (ceramide) or purple (peptide) titles for the products. And the bottles inside are made of glass, with a pretty good dropper. Kind of resembles the packaging of products you’d see in a dermatology office or spa of some sort. This peptide shot ampoule is supposed to help with whitening and has anti-aging properties. At this point, I haven’t used it enough to see a lot of change anti-aging-wise, though I have noticed a subtle firmness in my face.

Texture and viscosity of the Peptide Shot Ampoule

The peptide shot ampoule applies a little watery, but you have some time before it tries to run off your face. The peptide chains are weightless and you won’t feel them on your skin when applied. It melts in very quickly when you start rubbing it into the skin. There is a slight scent to this but I find it hard to describe, the smell kind of reminds me of 2010’s anti-aging skincare items if that makes sense. The powdery-herbal/almost floral-type scent.

The peptide chains somewhat melting into the skin
The ampoule applied to skin

It gives decent hydration, though this alone will not be enough for the cold winter nights. I would recommend using this in the first couple of steps, if not, your first serum step (if you use more than one serum or ampoule) and making sure to finish everything off with a good moisturizer of your choice. Overall, I’m very happy to have been able to try this and I’ll be buying one for my mom when she runs out of her current serum.


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