Summer in Canada arrives June 20th, but I thought it would be nice to put together a full look for the early summer. This would include makeup, an outfit, accessories, and shoes. Curious? Take a look!
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First off, let’s build that outfit. With many people at home I haven’t seen what seems to be popular street-style wise right now, so this is kind of a shot in the dark but also reflects what I *think* it could possibly be.
New/trendy clothes at local retailer’s sites seem to indicate peplum style tops, “business casual” type pants,  wrapped crop tops w/slightly puffy sleeves and dresses with some sort of ruffle look to them. In general, it also seems that horizontal stripes, small floral patterns and tie front styles are very popular right now.
Keeping that in mind, let’s get started.
First the top would be a while wrapped crop top like the one below, paired with a beige or cream pleated pants, and topped with a sheer kimono or a knit cardigan. You can pair black or white sneakers with the outfit or a pair of low-ish chunky heels. For accessories, I’d pair it with a necklace with multiple charms or  one that was longer than the one shown in the picture. Next is a simple woven-style ring, adds more to the look but still keeps it simple.

As for makeup, I’m going to avoid recommending any foundation/concealer for this so you can use your favourite, or none if you don’t wear makeup.
Now the most important first step will be sun screen, I heard great things about the Purito
The Memebox Afternoon Tea blusher palette is kind of new, but I find it a great colour combo for a bare faced look for summer and into fall. I also added the very infamous spicy nude gloss from Hera on this list, I see it being raved almost everywhere on Instagram and most of the colours are sold out. Finally, everything is rounded up with the press-on nails but those are optional. *Also please note that the Hera gloss seems to only be available to certain countries or something, I saw on reddit that some people don’t see it or the brand.*

And that’s the final look! I hope you like what I put together for an early summer look, I also have alternatives below for cheaper/other products. For the clothes and shoes, please check the sizing carefully because some of the items would be Asian sizes and may not fit everyone. They are rather general though, so I think mainstream retailers would have similar dupes for them.
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Here are some alternative choices:


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