I kept seeing this cream shadow pop up everywhere on yesstyle, and after a while I ended up buying it just to try. It’s similar in colour to one I was on the lookout for, but it was only a fraction of the price and contains more pearl pigment. Let’s go to my review!​​
apieu butter shadow 


I think the butter shadow from Apieu was my first time using a cream eyeshadow, or at the very least one that’s contained in a cute little pot. One thing to note is that the lid seems to be wrapped in metal, but everything else is plastic so it’s fairly light. It’s rather small, but I’m not knowledgeable enough on cream shadows to say for certain.

I believe there are other colours available, however I got this in the shade Ginger Rose. It’s kind of a shimmery rose gold colour, but a little more on the coppery side. At the time I got this, the price was $10.09 CAD. It doesn’t seem to crease even without a primer, and it doesn’t “melt” however the hottest I had this on outside was about 28*C.

Personally, I think using a lighter hand to apply this if you’re a beginner is a good idea. My tool of choice was applying it with my ring finger, and then using another finger or a brush to blend it out. If you want to place another eyeshadow over it, you might need to build it up if you’re sticking with K-Beauty eyeshadows but I don’t think you’ll have that kind of trouble with Western Beauty.
I love the eyeshadow if I’ll be honest, it matches well with other colours I’d normally use and it’s that natural looking shade that’s not too bright. I’m going to get another when it runs out or dries out.
That being said, it’s pretty affordable and would make a great gift for many people. The packaging looks a little older-styled, not quite sure how to describe it but it’s charming. If you’re interested in purchasing this, I’ll have a link for you below. Before you go, I’m planning to offer another format for you to get my blog posts and would like your input. Please click on the google forms survey link below.

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