Remember how sometimes you’ll have clothes that are a bit dirty to go back into the closet, but too clean to wash and they end up thrown over a chair or something? Then when you go to wear it you spray on a bunch of perfume just in case there’s a lingering scent on those clothes? (or is it just me?) Well either way,  apparently there’s something for that.
The product from the brand Aromatica is meant to be a spritz to take away odours/freshen up clothes and your room. Personally I really needed this in my life because I have jackets that unfortunately catch scents from restaurants I pass, but it’s not yet worth the time and money to send them to get dry cleaned. So you literally spray it a short distance away from the ‘article’, and let it sit for a few seconds for the scent to dissipate a little.

There’s 4 scents available if you buy from this particular product; Geranium, Eucalyptus, Cypress and Grapefruit. I had my eye on grapefruit, however I was worried that it wouldn’t be something I liked and I’d have wasted my money. So I ended up getting Eucalyptus after reviewing the product to see what it actually smelled like, and what scents make up the final product.
I’ve never smelled Eucalyptus before, so I was still a little worried about it. But imagine my surprise when I used it for the first time, and it smelled minty! It was a very close replica scent of toothpaste, but with an undertone of something (which might be the Eucalyptus). I like to let it sit for a little while before I put the article on, but the scent does dissipate after using the spray on a clothing article (but it does leave a “fresh from the laundry” type smell). For rooms, it will linger but it won’t be overpowering.

For about $20 CAD at the time I purchased it, there was 200mL of product which was 100mL more than another that I had my eye on.The product is said to have 30 months of shelf life (2.5 years) so you can use it without worrying about using too much or too little, you have time. On the product page, it also states that this is cruelty free and not tested on products, for those who are wondering. It’s made with 100% natural essential oils and kills 99.9% of bacteria, I’m not really picky with the last two parts because they’re just an added bonus for me but I thought I’d put it here for those who want to know.

Overall, would I buy this again? YES! If I run out I’d reach for this again, I’d get the same exact scent but I’d find another to try for a comparison later on. If you  want to check out the product, I’ll leave a link (affiliate) down below along with my friend discount code which can be used alongside other discount codes from the site (usually).

Or if you want to test out the scents, you can check out the smaller version.


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