August is underway and as much as we’d probably hate to think about it, the school season is just around the corner. Now is perhaps the best time to start preparing for the next school year if you haven’t already, use this post as a little guide to get you started.

Even though I’m in college now and making more back-to-school stuff geared toward college students, some of the advice and things I mention here can be used towards students in High School as well. I hope this helps!

The first thing that you’ll probably need to do is choose your courses, by the time you see this you probably have chosen your courses already. In high school, I chose my courses the year before and then re-confirm them the first week of school. When choosing courses, you’ll want to choose those you’re interested in and need. For those in specialized programs, you’ll usually choose the time of your classes too.

Your checklist for choosing courses: time, relevancy, and interest. What I’ve learned this far when choosing college courses, is that these three are pretty key to getting a good schedule. The time the classes start is pretty crucial if you only have two to choose from, and especially more so if you need to commute to campus. Give yourself some time to take a look at bus schedules, and plan for delays and detours when commuting before choosing the class time.

The classes you choose should be relevant to what you’re studying in order to get the credit to graduate and etc. For example, I’m currently in a writing and publishing program and since I plan to focus on publishing, I’ll need to choose more publishing-related courses when the time comes. The more writing-focused courses are great too, but I would need to take less of those since they aren’t too relevant to me and where I want to end up. They are useful though if I had extra time.

Lastly, if you have to take a general elective, it is probably best if you choose something that you’ll have some interest in. There’s really no point in choosing a class you won’t enjoy because it’ll likely drop your marks too, however you’ll have to make do if there’s no choice. This is harder to do depending on your program and if there are any limitations.

I know that most people aren’t looking forward to school every year, especially for the homework, tests, quizzes and etc. But I’m kinda excited for the year to start, it’s my second year in this program so I’m just looking forward to everything.

My only worry at the moment will be time, and just having time to myself outside of school, work and the blog. But I’m sure it’ll work out. Hope this helps a little bit.


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