It’s that time of year again, when we say goodbye to summer freedom and hello to another 10 months of school. Though I’m pretty some of you have already started school, or will be starting around the same time we do in Toronto. But either way, here are some things you may need to help you prepare for this upcoming school year!
Here are some things that I find are essential every year:

  • Cheap Pencils/lead pencils
  • Erasers
  • Cheap Pens
  • Sharpeners
“Why are they essential?” you say, because you’ll know at least one person who will show up to class without any writing utensils, or have a broken pencil. Then you’ll choose to either lend something (or not) and probably never get it back, so rather than lend a nice $3 lead pencil just pass out a cheap generic one that works. Or not lend anything at all, but that’s your decision. (Sorry I’m salty today lol).
1. Okay, first and foremost, this back to school season make sure you grab an extra pair of headphones. Depending on how you use it and etc, they may break sometime during the year and you would be “forced” to buy another pair at full price. My recommendation are apple’s classic EarPods, or just something along that design. It is on the pricier side, however it tends to work better than ones I used to get elsewhere.
Or if you already have a favourite type of headphones, get those. *link is not  an affiliate link*

2. Second item you should consider getting, ​is a face mist. They can be used for people who use or don’t use makeup, to freshen up, to keep your face moisturized and etc. Only damper is that you may have to find a scentless one, and/or one that isn’t packaged in a classic aerosol can. That’s because some can turn out to be pretty dangerous when punctured. Stay safe!
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3. You should also consider stocking up on things you use to pamper yourself with, so you can use them throughout the year. Think of it as a spa stash, the school year can be tough and while you aren’t likely to get a lot of free time, try to take some time for yourself. I find that a minimum of 30mins a week (or more) to yourself helps a lot during school, or if that’s too much, try at least 1hr to yourself a month.
4. Prior to starting school, try to develop a routine where you wake up earlier and eat a healthy breakfast. It makes you feel less like a zombie when you head to your first class. I haven’t tried this particular breakfast however, I heard that mashed or puréed sweet potato make for a healthy and nutritious breakfast.
5. Consider stashing some snacks into your bag or locker for you to munch on if need be, seriously, you’ll never know when you’ll need something. Stash granola bars but remember to abide by school policy and refrain from packing anything containing nuts.

That is all the back to school tips I have, be sure to check out some of my other tips by clicking the tips/hacks category. Another post about the Spa Stash will be up shortly!


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