A few days ago, Bath and Body Works had a promotion for 50% off their Aromatherapy body care line both in-store and online. Now, I normally wouldn’t buy their aromatherapy line because sometimes the rotation of scents they have available, aren’t really my taste. I was lucky this time though and managed to buy 3 items I really loved, here’s the haul.

I had an in-person class the day I went to Bath and Body Works, so I just ended up going into Square One before hopping onto the Go Bus back to Toronto. Now, the store is one of the slightly bigger ones and I didn’t intend to buy a bunch of body care.

Bath and Body Works Haul

I personally love citrus scents, but the trouble with that is that sometimes they can be too sweet-smelling. Or worse, the scent could’ve been mixed with another in a not-so-great combination. My backup plan was to get one of the Eucalyptus-scented products should the scent selection be small at this store.

Luckily, the selection they had available had the scent I was interested in; Orange & Ginger. I don’t remember if they had it available as a body wash, but I ended up getting the body lotion in that scent. A sales associate recommended the Orange & Sandalwood scent to me and let me say, I don’t normally like sandalwood, but this combination was fresh but fruity.

Lastly, the Rose & Magnolia scent caught my eye. At first, I loved the packaging for it and the colour of the body wash but the scent was a bit of a hard sell for me. I’ve had a very varied experience with rose scents, very rarely do they smell good to me. But let me say, this is that type of soft powdery floral scent that is so fresh-smelling. I think the scent of roses mixed with magnolia may be the winner here. I would’ve bought another bottle of this but I didn’t need another, so I’m just going to buy it when I need it.

When I left the store, I only bought 3 items total. Which, seems like a really small haul from bath and body works honestly. . .

And did you guys know? Bath and Body Works now has a Canadian site! From what I see, there isn’t a free shipping minimum outside of their promotions, and shipping is $9.99 which isn’t too bad but I don’t think I’ll be making online purchases anytime soon. I know that they did have a promotion for free shipping on orders $75+, so I would honestly wait if you want to order anything.

Overall, I really like the scents I managed to get. They still have to pass the shower test, but I don’t think they will be a problem.


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