Hey all, it’s been a hot while since I even did a very casual Real Talk session so I thought writing about this would be great to get back into step with it. I’m sure some or many of you are familiar with Bath & body works? Known for their body care, home scents and candles? Here’s just a little chatty session about them and a recent haul I did.

So, essentially this blog post will be a very casual Real Talk session about Bath & Body Works, the products, favourite scents and etc.

It’s Bath & Body Works!

I’ve always been a rather low-key fan of Bath & body works, this started in high school and kind of grew from there. I used to only buy body care products from them when I get a coupon and when certain deals line up right, then I’d go to the local store close to my high school to buy the stuff.

Before I bought my body care stuff from Bath & Body Works, I just used whatever body wash my mom bought for me. I don’t even remember when I truly started asking to buy Bath & Body works stuff, but I do remember starting sometime in high school.

I personally love their body wash and body sprays, and they’ve been a staple since I was a teenager. I didn’t really get into their lotions, but I did buy a bottle of their aromatherapy one since it was on sale (it’s been a few months and it’s a very slow process of using it up). I did get into candles recently and bought two single wick candles from them recently, there’s just something calming about reading with a candle diffusing scent into my room.

My first candle was called Frozen Lake (Green and Citrus scent), and the one I bought more recently is called Pineapple Mango (heavy Mango scent, kind of like a Mango fruit cocktail). I got them both at a cheaper price $8 or $9 each.

I do live in a condo however, and it’s really hard to arrange a time to light candles safely. I personally only light it when I can arrange a time for me to be sitting nearby and not super focused on an assignment. This way, I can still do what I need to do, but I won’t be super focused on said task. Just makes it easier to find time to look up from my work occasionally I guess.

First Look Into My First Bath & Body Works Order
First Look Into My First Bath & Body Works Order

Sometime a few weeks ago, Bath & Body Works had a little promotion in-store and online where select body care is $5.50. The closest store to me is at Yorkdale, and I didn’t feel like shopping in-store so I opted to look online (which was my first mistake lol).

It was my first time looking at Bath & Body Works’ website since it launched a little while back, and I was weak to the temptation. See, some of the scents I saw on the site, I didn’t find in store and they were very interesting! I ended up getting a lot so I wouldn’t expect another Bath & Body Works haul from me for a long while.

I usually go for scents that are citrus-y, light or just the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. I don’t really venture too far out of the scent zone I’m comfortable with and I think the scents I bought really reflected that:

  • Fairytale (Shower Gel)
  • Ocean (shower gel for my dad)
  • Midnight Pomegranate (Body Spray)
  • Fresh Getaway (Gel + Spray)
  • Sunshine Mimosa (Gel + Spray)
  • Fiji Sunshine Guava-tini (Gel + Spray)
The lineup of Bath & Body Works Products I Got
The lineup of Bath & Body Works Products I Got

By far, Fairytale has the strongest scent. It’s very sweet, a touch of vanilla and it lingers until we’ll into the next morning. I don’t like the scent as a body wash personally, but I would love it as a candle! The smell makes me think about a cozy reading book with something sweet in the air.

Ocean smells really fresh, and it’s a perfect summer scent. I genuinely cannot pull off some scents but if I could pull this one off, I would’ve kept it for myself lol. My dad loves the scent though!

For the record, I haven’t tried Midnight Pomegranate yet. But the description makes it sound right up my alley!

Fresh Getaway is my favourite by far! It’s a light citrus (Yuzu) scent and it isn’t too strong nor will it fade immediately after showering. If it becomes a permanent scent at B&BW, it’ll become my regular scent. I actually was so convinced that I would love this that I ended up ordering two shower gels when I placed my order.

Sunshine Mimosa seemed promising when I saw the scent description online, but it’s firmly in the “meh” category for me. It smells like oranges, but there’s not enough of that citrus scent I love. Instead, there’s a bit of that boozy champagne scent and it ends up overpowering everything a little (similar to Champagne Toast? I think is the name). I’ll use up what I have of course, but might not be a repurchase for me.

Lastly, Fiji Sunshine Guava-tini. Boy, is that a long name! However, this is the perfect, PERFECT, vacation scent. Fruity and tropical, and very Guava smelling. My mom absolutely loves this scent compared to the others, and I’m probably going to save this to use in the summer.

Overall, I am not disappointed with this haul. In fact, I’m a little proud that I didn’t mess up my first order! I always get a little scared when I order anything scented online; because the descriptions could be great but the scent of the product could turn out not what I wanted.

Luckily for me, I did have the ability to go into the store and smell some of these scents. The order arrived fairly quickly and everything was alright, one of the shower gels (the mimosa one) did end up leaking a little either at the warehouse or in transit, but there wasn’t a lot of product lost so that’s alright.

Overall, I highly recommend waiting for a good deal or promo before you purchase from bath and body works online. The prices can add up! Aim for: free shipping, $4.99-$5.99 shipping or % off select items for the best deals if you don’t buy a lot.

Anyways, let me know in the comments what your favourite scents are at Bath and Body Works! And if any of the scents I got caught your eye.


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  1. I am extremely jealous that Canada still has Midnight Pomegranate in it’s line-up! This was my signature scent for years and then was discontinued. I kept waiting for it to pop up again (maybe as a repackage?), but finally broke down and ordered a cream from E-bay.
    I would also suggest that if you DO end up falling in love with a scent, that you stock up! They can unexpectedly discontinue really at any given time. The only products that van go “off” are their body creams, but since you’re not doing lotions and such, that shouldn’t be a problem. The shower gels and mists can last years.👍

    1. Hi Kristen! Thanks for checking out my blog post, and for the wonderful tips! I completely get what you mean about scents getting discontinued. My first ever Bath and Body Works product was the Pink Chiffon shower gel, and less than a year later they got discontinued. The scent does seem to pop up occasionally when they have their semi annual sales, but it’s never there for long.

  2. My new favourite is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and I also really like Warm Vanilla Sugar. I love Hot Cocoa with Cream but it didn’t come out last Xmas much to my disappointment

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