Black Friday has come and gone and I’m officially back from a rather long hiatus to hit the ground running for school, I had originally done quite a few posts ahead of time but they all needed to be freshened up with more details before I can post them. But then, I got caught up in a few school deadlines and that was about two-three weeks ago, *sorry*.. Anyways, I didn’t necessarily get a large haul during Black Friday sales but I did get some things.
First purchase was the day of Black Friday, some friends and I went to a nearby mall after school and we went inside of Yves Rocher , which is a french botanical beauty store. I hadn’t originally planned to get anything after seeing that the shower gels weren’t on sale (I should’ve figured since their largest bottles were about $8 CAD anyways lol, but I’ll buy them when I need them), but I saw that their perfumes were on sale.
I’ve bought one bottle of perfume from that store before and I was in love with them, they were light scents and could be built up with additional sprays.  I had gotten their Cherry Bloom perfume last year and I was torn between getting the same one again, or getting either the Green Tea scent or the Purple Lilac scent. In the end, I opted to be safe and got the same one as before, for about $16, so not bad! (Original is about $32)
*Picture from, I do not own this picture. ALl rights go to Yves Rocher.*
*Please let it be known that these are Eau de Toilette fragrances so they aren’t super concentrated scent-wise*
My second purchase was early the next day and I bought an AirCare Ultrasonic Humidifier + Essential Oil Diffuser and a silicon baking sheet (mat?), the humidifier was about $40 CAD and the silicon baking sheet was $1.99 CAD. I had brought up the need for buying a humidifier with my parents after I got sick early this month, and it was a rather weird story (in my opinion) how I figured we needed one.
I had managed to get sick just on a Thursday, so I was super congested and couldn’t breathe properly. I didn’t really think anything of it because it usually clears up the next day, only it didn’t. And I was like, that’s okay maybe it will be gone by Saturday morning. Once again, it didn’t go away and then I resorted to buying a pack of those breathe right strips. Those worked perfectly to “open up my airways” but the air in our place was so dry it irritated my already sore nose.
So then I realized that the sneezing may have been triggered by the dry air (I have no idea how true it is or not, this was a case of a google search) and brought up buying a humidifier/diffuser with my parents. The specific model we bought is kind of a 2in1, humidifier+diffuser so it has the best of both worlds for a fraction of the price and space needed.
And that was it for my Black Friday Haul, I saw that there were some sales online and in stores for beauty items but I had more than enough to last for a while and didn’t end up getting any.
How did your Black Friday Shopping go? Or were you holding out for better deals during Cyber Monday?


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