I got a few samples of this in Green Tea and their citrus scent a few years back and absolutely loved it, since then, I’ve always checked on the price of this hoping that it will go on sale enough for me to buy it. It finally happened and I ended up buying two of these from Jolse during a promotion, let me show you why I love this!

The patting splash pack from the brand Blithe is a gentle exfoliant that you mix with water then splash onto your face, it removes impurities, brightens your complexion and gets rid of dead skin cells. A bottle of this seems pretty small but it goes a long way for me, and the effects last quite some time too.

This should probably be on my “lazy products” list since it’s clearly earned its spot there, but I find this so easy to use. Though a little terrifying because it is a gentle exfoliating acid, and I DO NOT want to get this into my eyes. I hear that gentle exfoliation products can burn like nothing you’ve experienced before if you get it in your eyes, so I’m always careful when using this.

The box of the blithe patting splash pack in green tea, being held by my left hand with a white and blue marble tile background
Blithe Patting Splash Pack in Green Tea

To use the patting splash pack, you fill up a sink with water. I usually eyeball it at about 1/2 a sink full, and then you add one capful of the liquid. Mix it a little with your finger and then pat/swish it onto your face repeatedly. Keep your eyes closed tight though because I heard it stings if it gets into your eyes.

Blithe Patting Splash Pack in Green Tea, the bottle

Then you can either pat your face dry with a towel or rinse your face. It may be counterproductive but I prefer to rinse my face after using the splash pack. I have good and bad skin days so I don’t want to accidentally agitate my skin by leaving the product in.

And what it does in the end, is that it exfoliates your skin. The “scent” or type of the splash pack will also help your skin in some way; Green Tea to soothe and heal, Purple Berry for rejuvenation and Citrus and Honey for energy. I have the green tea version so it’s supposed to soothe and heal the skin, which is great overall.

I should note that the splash pack does have a scent to it, a little bit of green tea and a whole lot of something else that I guess is the smell of the gentle acid? Not fully sure so don’t quote me on that. But my point is, that it’s got a scent but nothing that should really irritate anyone much as long as you aren’t taking a big whiff from the bottle It also won’t linger on your skin too.

The splash packs aren’t really cheap, but I don’t think they’re an insane price either. You can get it on Jolse for about $29 USD, but I typically wait for sales to buy it. The particular sale I caught was a Buy 1 get 1 type of thing, but I see this go on sale during the big year-end sales that Jolse usually has.

I’ll probably try to keep using this product and buying more as it goes on sale, but if I miss a chance to buy it, no biggie. They are a good alternative to the Neogen Peeling gauze though, in terms of reducing waste.


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