It’s study season for the folks in school, give or take one or two weeks so now would be a great time to start hitting the books! But is your skin and skincare routine suffering from those late-night study sessions? Continue reading for a tip that’s sure to help.

Let’s face it, our high school all-nighter study session habits will be brought forward to college or university. I’m so guilty of late-night homework or study sessions, and then having to wake up for work the next day doesn’t help (especially if you’re closing the store too).
And those late-night study sessions or all-nighters also bring a very bad habit forward; forgetting or skipping your skincare. I know not everyone faces this issue, but I personally find it hard to study and apply skincare. Maybe because when I do my skincare I use it as a time to wind down for the night? And personally, there’s nothing calming about studying…
Here’s one trick I did to bypass (or at least mitigate) this slight issue. The whole idea is to use a sheet mask while studying before bed, letting it absorb and then going to bed.
It all starts with setting a cutoff time. And yes it seems all very simple, but there’s more to it!

First, set your cutoff time and set a reminder for it. I have a hard time falling asleep unless I’m absolutely exhausted, and it takes 1-2 hours before I fall asleep. So my cutoff is 11 PM.
Next, set a reminder one hour before your cutoff time. This reminder will stand as a signal to give yourself a break, just enough time for any necessities and to pop a sheet mask on your face.
**I wanted to note that depending on how you study and what position you’re in, keeping that sheet mask on could be difficult. Looking into a silicone mask cover would be a good option**
After you’ve popped a mask on, set a timer for 20-30 minutes (it’s dependent on the mask type and their recommended use time). This will be when you take your mask off and your next break, I also take this time to stop jotting notes and to start reviewing everything I was studying.
Then when the timer goes off, it’s another short break and time for you to remove your mask. Feel free to pat in the essence, or massage it in, whichever you prefer! I would just pat it in only in select drier areas, and leave it be.
Finally, your last reminder will sound about 30mins after taking off your sheet mask. Get ready for bed, and before turning in for the night, apply some moisturizer.

Now, this isn’t a permanent sort of thing. . . If you use actives, I wouldn’t suggest doing this because I’m afraid an ingredient in the sheet mask could react badly with your products. I don’t think it’s the best (I mean you are going from full routine to just moisturizing) but it’s better than nothing I suppose!
I’ll be honest though, I’m so guilty of doing this a few days of the week during the study season. And because I’m not using my full routine some nights, I make sure to moisturize a little more during the day and also keep up with exfoliation and etc because I’m prone to dry spots.

Apologies for the rather short post this time around, but it’s study season..either way, I hope this helps! If it does, please share it on social media or with friends and family. It really helps me out!


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