The deals were pretty good, but there were some that I didn’t think were worth waiting all year for. More importantly, there was a lot of people out shopping today. Let’s just say I’m pretty sure more than one person got fed-up/ticked off at another, but luckily everything still went well while we were out.

Our first stop after leaving the house for Boxing Day was to grab some lunch, my mom was sick so there weren’t a lot of places close to Eaton where she could eat (that she wanted to eat at either) so we ended up having a meal at Red Lobster. If you want to see what we had, I have a picture of it up on instagram: @vesalisa.
First stop  on our way from The Atrium on Bay to Eaton Centre, was a store called Just Cozy. Originally I was a little bit weary of smaller stores because usually I see a nice item, go in to check the price, then I see it for like $80 or something and I’m like; as much as I want this, I really can’t afford this. But I’m so glad my mom dragged me in.
She went to look for a nice new winter beanie, and I just ended up walking around the store looking at scarves. We ended up getting two scarves, (one for me and the other for my aunt) and a plaid beanie for my mom. Each item was $10 (everything in store was $10 I think) and it was a pretty great deal. Total for my mom and I’s purchase was about $22.60.
On our way into Eaton Centre, I noticed another Just Cozy store across from the H&M. Compared to the  store inside of the Atrium, this one was packed!  There was a line waiting to check out and it seemed a though it went around the store.
Our next stop after getting into Eaton Centre was Nature Collection/The Face Shop. The deals were pretty good, but all we ended up getting were 4 Rice Water Bright Cleansers for my mom and family friends. It was 40% off so I think it was $12-$13  after tax, this is the jumbo 300mL version so it was really worth  the price.
Our last purchase were some of the Heat-Tech tops from Uniqlo, mainly to wear under clothes to stay warm if we can’t layer up a lot or etc. I think the price was $12.90 each, I don’t remember the regular price but if my mom’s guess of $25 was correct, then it’s still a good deal.

To be frank, we didn’t go all out on a shopping spree this year. We didn’t need much so there’s also that factor. What did you get this Boxing Day? Food, or did you guys end up splurging a bit? Let me know in the comments!


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