I’m actually quite late to be doing a Boxing Day Haul but here’s my Boxing Day Haul from 2020 anyways!
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I think it’s safe to say that this past boxing day wasn’t the best for everyone and was quite different from what many of us were used to. There was a push to shop with smaller businesses, to shop Canadian because some bigger box stores were allowed to stay open and some small businesses (well really most businesses) were suffering due to lockdowns and decreased foot traffic and spending.
In my family, I was taught to not spend too much and to not waste money on super frivolous things but should you want to buy those items, save up the money for it and buy it yourself. In the past, I didn’t have a job/an income to spend so these items I “really needed” would’ve gone to a birthday or Christmas wish list since both dates were about a month away from each other. I got a job this past summer so it was interesting to see if I would end up saving or spending more, surprisingly I think I did well!
I also wanted to give a heads up that I will not be talking about prices in this Haul post. I’ll bring up discounts in a dedicated review post for each item.



My first Boxing Day Deal purchase was the Skullcandy Sesh Evo from Best Buy. I had started looking for headphones that didn’t require me to turn up the volume to like 80% in order to hear audiobooks, but most were over $100 that were “good”. I started saving up for this set and intended to buy it through the Skullcandy Canada site when I saw it was on sale at Best Buy.
I opted to pick it up in-store to ensure it wouldn’t get broken or stolen when delivered and I’ve been enjoying listening to audiobooks with them.



I am actually so proud that I was able to buy this myself with the money I earned from work. I really like the Adidas Superstar shoes after I got a pair on sale for High School, I cherished them and practically wore them every day for the better part of 4.5 years. They’re falling apart now and I’ve been waiting for a great sale to get another pair, but their sizing feels all over the place. I wear a size 10 in most places, but my old pair was 8.5 and a pair I tried in the store was size 9.​
The ones I got are pretty basic, but they’re comfortable for long walks (but not standing for long periods of time!) and best of all they fit! I took a look at the reviews and how reviewers ranked the fit and went half a size down to a 9.5 and they fit wonderfully. One foot is a little loose, however, but I’m told that’s kind of normal to have a foot a bit smaller than the other so I’ll come up with a solution.


Call it Spring

This item was a bit of a splurge, but it will get a lot of use. I got the style Eowaodia, it’s a black suede sock boot/ankle boot. I never really owned something like it and while it has a higher heel than I would usually wear I really like it! Sizing is a little odd, 10 (my usual size) was a tad tight but 11 was a tad loose but adding some insoles made it better.​


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