Whew, yesterday’s Boxing Day shopping was a fair success if I say so myself. I didn’t necessarily get all the things that I had my eye on, but I feel like I got a fair amount. I’ll mention some great deals I saw while I was out shopping so you can take advantage of that if they’re still available.
Well, here’s everything I got while I was out yesterday:
Not pictured: Ipad.


I got a grey 3-way backpack from a Japanese brand called Anello at a local store (I think?) that sells genuine  Herschel,   Fjallraven Kanken and Anello bags. My mom was originally against this particular design of backpack, because she said that it looked “ugly”. I’ll admit it doesn’t necessarily look pretty, but it’s functionality  outweighs it’s looks so I was sold on it. The bag my mom originally wanted was the classic design as seen on the left, however, it was smaller than we’d thought and since both bags were $79.99 we opted for the larger one instead. The store also had a 20% off promo going on so the purchase ended up being $72.30.
*Image from anello.jp*


My second purchase was from Lush during the only sale   of the year (as I was told), I was hoping to get more but they didn’t have a lot of the items I wanted in store so I settled with getting 4 items. I actually misplaced one of the items I got  so you’ll only see 3 in the picture. I bought one sleepy gift set, one ectoplasm jelly bomb and one “world’s smallest disco ball” bath bomb.  I’m typically drawn to light floral and citrust-y scents so my purchases sort of reflect that. The total for what I bough was $25.88 which is pretty good as opposed to buying it without the BOGO promotion.

I was actually going to go to another Lush store today to pickup some more stuff, but my legs are still jelly-like so I opted to not go. I wanted to get my hands on at least one of the Christmas bubble bars, because I haven’t tried one yet but I’ll settle for going when my legs are not noodle-y.
*Fun fact, this is actually the first time I bought anything during Lush’s boxing day sales.*

Great Deals I saw:
  • Free shipping @ Forever21 (website)
  • Panty  Party @ Victoria’s Secret (7 for $35)
  • Select items up to 50% off @ Pandora (Online and in store)
  • BOGO Free @ Lush (Online and in store)
  • $379.95 for a 32GB Apple Ipad @ Best Buy (Online and In stores)
  • Everything up to 70% off @ Dynamite (Online and in stores)

This was all I got during the boxing day sales, hope you all got what you wanted during this time! I’ll have another blog post out on the 29th, maybe two blog posts, then I’ll be MIA from the 30th-Jan 2nd for the New Years. Until then, have a safe and fun rest of your day!


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