I’m just casually browsing through my instagram feed and I found some products that I feel you should at least try (either buying it, or trying it in stores if you can) before the end of 2019. In order not to list off a large amount of products I might make a part 2 later on. Anyways, let’s go check out the bucket list items for 2019!
Now some of these products mentioned may be new this year, or may have been around for a while so they aren’t necessarily bound to have come out in 2019. *P.s I’m not being paid to write this, this is just my personal opinion. I’ll also have some affiliate links*

Vely Vely Artemisia Balance Essence

I actually found this while reading one of sokoglam’s blog posts, and I find it interesting because of the colour and how it’s made from mugwort.  It states that it’s good for super sensitive skin and helps to manage your skin and give it nutrition, it’s also supposed to be able to help improve skin tone and the look of redness. I see many different prices for this, so I don’t believe I can be able to grab this item anytime soon because all of the prices I’ve seen were at least $50USD. It is worth looking into in the future though.

Aromatica Orange Soft Peel Toner

AROMATICA - Orange Soft Peel Toner 375ml 375ml
A while back I did an ‘article’ on lazy skincare hacks and one thing I forgot to mention was that you could pretty much shorten your routine by using a gentle exfoliating toner (I think that’s the term?), it shouldn’t irritate your skin but it will remove dead skin cells while toning. This toner from Aromatica stood out to me because it was  made with oranges (at least I think it was), and I’m a *little* obsessed with citruses  so you can bet that I’ll eventually be trying this out.

RiRe Lucent Star Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

This product actually ended up on my recommended list on Yesstyle, but I have to add this in because it’s both pretty and useful. You get a cushion foundation, along with lip and cheek tints. All you’re missing is highlighter and contour if you use them, and both can come in sizes that can fit inside your purse or clutch. So it’s going to be great for travel, however, I don’t think I’ll be getting this because the cushion colour is a little light even for #23.

Dear Dahlia Dual Palette Match


Okay, I normally don’t like to recommend pricier products because I don’t normally buy them. But you have to admit that this dual palette from Dear Dahlia is gonna look amazing on anyone’s vanity.   I like how each palette has their own combination (eye shadows X multi-balm, eye shadows X eye shadows, multi-balm X multi-balm) so you can find the one you like. Not to mention, I think the multi-balm colours compliment the eye shadows well so no need to worry about pairing.

Innisfree Cherry Blossom Line

This isn’t just one product, but rather the Innisfree Cherry Blossom line. I don’t remember seeing any Cherry Blossom products before so I think at least trying one of those products this year would be a good goal if you’re stepping out to try new products. I would recommend either starting with the toner or one of the creams because those two categories are classics, and you can probably not go wrong with those.

Etude House Air Mousse Eye shadow (Blossom Edition)

I don’t believe mousse consistency products are new on the market, however I do feel that it’s good to mention these particular single shadows. I don’t have any of them so this is based on what I see on Yesstyle, but they look pretty pigmented and seem to be colours great for early spring (which I think is hard to find if you’re looking for super specific colours).

Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Toner

I don’t remember how long ago it was, but I saw this quite a bit around social media. It showed how the toner is kind of a two-use kind of product to fight aging and soothe skin,  it can be used like a regular toner or diluted with water to be used as a toner wash.  The toner wash portion  that the  toner can be used as is what got me interested, but personally I don’t think I’d do that, it’s easy for me to get things into my eyes and then it’s trouble all over again. Though the concept is something that would be interesting to try….

And that’s a wrap for this article!  This round of recommended selections kind of had more Toners than anything else, because I find that spring is the best time to look or try new toners. I may have another one of these types of articles up in a few months’ time, so if you like this type of topic, keep on the lookout!


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