I don’t know if it’s the higher influx of maskne, but lately, it seems that a lot of brands/companies are starting to come out with their pimple-fighting products or pimple patches. These came out a while ago, but I got my hands on them lately.

There’s actually a story on how I got my hands on these pimple patches, so I’ll tell you how I got them later. One pouch of the patches has 3 different sheets and 36 patches, so depending on the price, they could be more bang-for-your-buck when compared to the CosRx ones. They’re also (in my opinion) thinner than the red-label CosRx ones, but about the same width as the black-label CosRx patches.
Clear Skin Patches
*Edited to add that the current price for the Shield Patch is $13.05, and the price for the CosRx patches is $4.64 so the CosRx patches are more worth the price at the moment. The prices are from Yesstyle.
Cosrx vs wishtrend pimple patches
I tried using the patch on a pimple during the day but it didn’t do much, used it overnight and it removed roughly 85% of the pimple. Although, a small white dot still remains. So for me personally, it did work but it didn’t work as I expected. Though with 36 patches, I don’t think using too many would hurt the wallet lol.
Pimple Patches
Overall, it’s still a good pimple patch if you prefer the thinner ones. I just feel that I’m spoiled by the CosRx ones because they were my first pimple patches, and they work fairly well for me (removing upwards of 90% of the pimple).
Now onto the story, I’ve been following some of the skincare/k-skincare subreddits and I came across this post about a skincare app one day. I decided to try it out and I’ve been using it since then, it’s called ‘Picky’ and it can be a guide to see if a product will work for your skin type or if it’ll help with your skin concerns. The app is currently available for Apple/IOS users, but fear not for any android users because an andriod app is coming soon.
I actually got the skin shield patches for free through Picky in the most surprising way. I wrote a review for a product I had used, and what I didn’t know was that (at the time) if you leave a review and  you win the top review reward, sometimes you’d get sent a reward. I got sent two different items and this was one of them, this event happens every week so it’s good to leave a good review about your experiences.
If you want to join, you can use my invite code: 9A46E763. Once again, an android app is on the way but it’s currently available for Apple/IOS users.

I hope you guys liked this review, since I know there were some people looking for reviews on this product. Before you go, feel free to follow my blog on Bloglovin’ to never miss a post!
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