If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve talked about powder wash cleansers since they started appearing a few (or more) years ago! They’re an interesting concept and my first glimpse at it was a rice powder wash from a certain expensive store. However, I’ve never really had a chance to try this out until now! Meet By Wishtrend’s Green Tea and Enzyme Powder wash! Here’s the full review.

First of all, I received this product for free from Picky and By Wishtrend for free in exchange for my honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

To start, I had been dying to get my hands on this powder cleanser from Wishtrend when I first heard about this years ago. However, at the time, their website didn’t ship to Canada (but now they do!). If you’ve also ended up following Wishtrend the last few years, you’ll also notice that they repackaged the enzyme wash to a slimmer bottle. The other/older container was a chubbier and shorter bottle with a more muted green. Whereas now it’s a taller, slimmer bottle with a bright green colour. It seems that the cap remains the same though.

So the entire “thing” around the powder wash is that it’s a powder, that foams up when used/lathered and also helps to gently exfoliate the skin. This specific powder wash from Wishtrend uses green tea powder and papain and follows that up with baking soda, it’s supposed to help clear out blackheads and pores while exfoliating your face to leave it refreshed and smooth.

Green tea is personally one of my favourite ingredients and was the first “line” of products I used when I started my skincare journey. Until now, I still reach for green tea products as a “fallback” item in between using up review and gifted products so this is a little nostalgic for me. However, I will note that the powder does not really smell of green tea, it’s kind of like blank baking soda so I suppose that’s pretty scentless. Let me know your opinions on this!

By Wishtrend’s Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash Box

The packaging follows the minimalist route like with other Wishtrend products, the box has an off-white kind of recycled packaging style base with bright (but not neon) green accents. Upon opening the box, you’ll see Wishtrend’s slogan “you are the standard” and a QR Code to scan. Admittedly, I forgot to do that initially, but it will take you to the product page of the powder wash on Wishtrend’s website.

By Wishtrend’s Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash Bottle

The bottle has 110g of product inside, and I’m going to go out on a limb to say that this might last a while depending on how much you dispense to use. I’ve tried using different amounts of powder + water and personally, I believe that using less powder works for me. One tip I’d give before using/opening the container is to give the lip a few light taps to dislodge any loose powder from it before opening, or else you’ll have some powder just puff out after popping it open.

Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash When Dry
Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash Foam/Lather

The powder itself is rather fine, and a very light green colour from the green tea powder. When mixed with water and lathered, it foams up just a little bit (kind of like the Glow Recipe blueberry bounce cleanser) and you can feel some grittier bits that I believe are from the Papain. When cleansing it doesn’t feel like you’ve got a bunch of foam or soap on your face and it’s easy to spread this around. When going to wash, however, you can feel where this is still on your face by this silky-powdery feeling on your face and when it’s gone you’re all good to go.

I had this random flareup of skin irritation lately right by my cupid’s bow and this didn’t irritate that area of my skin at all (which was something I was afraid of) however, if you have any sort of skin irritation or concern I would proceed with caution because your mileage may vary. After cleansing, this left my face smooth and soft and it felt clean too. The appearance of the pores didn’t look too terrible too and the biggest bonus that made me fall in love was that this didn’t dry out my skin (which was something I was afraid of).

Overall, I think that this will become a staple for me since it works so well. One potential downside about power washes is that it’s a little risky to take it into the shower with you, but if that is a non-issue for you then it should be good. I recommend trying this if you’re open to using powder washes! I’ll include an Amazon link for the CA website to buy this (it’s the official Wishtrend store I believe), and another link via the Wishtrend website here. PS. Neither of these links is sponsored!

I did end up getting the older packaging when I added this product as an add-on in my Bazaal Box, so I’ll include a picture later on of it. There’s no change in the amount of product though.


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