If you’re new to K-Beauty, you may not have heard about the brand By Wishtrend but they are pretty popular with a good range of products and their site carries some other brands too. I’ve only tried one other Wishtrend product previously, and I’m very excited to have tried this one!

To start, I did receive this cream from Wishtrend in exchange for a review. But all thoughts and opinions are my own.

One thing you may notice about Wishtrend’s products, and sometimes carries over to the products they carry from other brands, is how simple the packaging is. This Propolis cream packaging is a simple yellow with black text and that 8-pointed star in the middle.

Wishtrend Propolis Cream Box
Wishtrend Propolis Cream Tube

Personally, I appreciate both simple and decorative packaging because no two will ever be the same. But this simple packaging is pretty on point for Wishtrend. The tube that the cream comes in is pretty tiny and has a twist cap. It only holds 50g (1.76 oz) which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s a pretty standard amount for moisturizer.

Wishtrend Propolis Cream Texture
Wishtrend Propolis Cream Texture Pt. 2

The cream itself is very lightweight but hydrating, and I find it perfect for the summer months when you need that hydration but don’t want the heavy moisturizer/cream feeling on your skin. It’s a watery-cream-type texture with a milky white colour that spreads very easily along your skin, and because of that, a little goes a long way.

Wishtrend Propolis Cream’s Finish

I honestly love how light this is when used by itself or in addition to my usual night routine. Like other reviews about this product, I feel that the cream does a great job of sinking into your skin when applied. And the finish will leave your skin with this skin-like hydrated feel, so sometimes I love just using this on its own in the morning before my sunscreen.

I’m currently halfway through the tube and I’m definitely going to buy another when I need moisturizer, so it’s safe to say that I’m going to highly recommend this! Wishtrend can sometimes be a little tricky to get in Canada, but their site does ship to Canada. Purchase over $100 for free shipping, or $17 for orders under $100. They are also available on Amazon (.ca) but this cream seems to not be in stock at the moment.


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