Since I was little I would always beg my parents to get me Dragon’s Beard Candy every time we went to Pacific Mall. It’s been a few years since I’ve had it so when I got to go to Pacific Mall recently, I took the chance to get it once again.
I have no idea how it’s made but if you stand in front of their booth at Pacific Mall I’m sure you can see how it’s done. Dragon’s Beard Candy is chewy, powdery and hides a peanut surprise in the middle. So please note this if you have any allergies of peanuts to steer clear of this treat! I’m not sure if they have different variations of this treat but it would be amazing if they did!
In conclusion I would rank this treat a 10 on the scale of 1 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest). Call me biased since it’s a childhood favourite but don’t judge until you try it. Have you had Dragon’s Beard Candy before? How did you like it? If you haven’t tried it, would you consider trying it? Let me know in the comments below!


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    1. I’ve only ever seen them make it there, but you can get pre-made versions at some snack shops! There’s a sweets shop on the second level of Chinatown Center in downtown Toronto that sell boxes of the pre-made ones, don’t know if the uncle still has the shop open but it’s worth a try.

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