August is the best time for anyone to add to their wardrobe, whether it’s for a new outfit to wear out during the last of the summer or new clothes to prepare for when school starts. It’s also the time when most Summer styles start going on sale, and when some Fall styles go on sale as well.
Personally, I choose styles that I would wear and usually deviate from seasonal styles because once it goes, you’ll likely never want to wear it again. So here are some clothes that I feel would look amazing, even after the 100th wear, but whether they’ll hold up to 100 washes is the question. Please note that the links provided are affiliate links.
*P.S Most sizes from this site are Asian sizes, so they will run smaller than what we might be used to. It is best that you have updated measurements of yourself, and to compare to make sure they fit, so you don’t end up wasting your money.*

First up, is this frilled off-the-shoulder blouse perfect for Fall and Spring seasons. Or year-round if you live in a place that stays somewhat warm throughout the year. It’s also fairly affordable at $18 from a Korean brand, because I’m fairly certain some tops are upwards of $30. However, the sizing is limited so please be sure to double check it. I recommend this colour for fall, and the lighter blue colour for spring.
I’m not sure how the whole set thing works for Yesstyle, but this is pretty affordable. I think that the skirt waist is pretty elasticized or something so you just choose based on the top measurements. I’ll be honest though, the black top and white-lined black skirt looks amazing, I might have to get it next time. I’ll let you guys know if I do get it so you’ll get an honest review.

Zip-Accent Hoodie – $13.93

I think this top is only viable for the Fall-Winter season, maybe early Spring too depending on how thick the sweater is. But is it not cute? It’s one shouldered (which has kind of been a big thing for a while, and has yet to go out of trend), and can be zipped up as a hoodie. And because it’s a hoodie, it’s got a hood at the back so both comfort and style in 1 item for about $14.
This is a rather trendy top that does not do a casual night out. It combines two trends; off shoulder tops and corset/lace up styled tops, but rather than looking tacky it looks pretty sofisticaed and can be toned down a bit for occasional wear. I personally don’t recommend getting white or a light blue, but that’s just me. I see that a lot of people opt for the red colour, but I’d honestly go for the dark blue.
Based off reviews, this would be perfect for a Fall or mild Winter look. It’s supposed to be pretty warm and the sizing is slightly more forgiving than others like it. I’d pair it with a turtleneck like shown in the picture, or I’d go a little wild and try a white T-shirt with a long knitted cardigan because that’s a look. Pair it off with some ankle boots, or sneakers and voila! A look made for a 2019 modern woman.
This rather simple top has a few cutouts on the sides by the collarbone, but it’s still a trendy top and it’s also a rather simple T-shirt too. There are others like this that can be re-adjusted to look like an off-shoulder top, however I found that most of those are rather limited in sizing. This specific shirt is also rather limited in sizing, so please be sure to double check.
This dress comes in a variety of colours, and looks to be a great item for Fall, Spring and Summer. The selling point of this dress? I’m fairly certain it has pockets, and that is very rare in the time when body-con dresses reign supreme. The sizing is kind of limited,  so be sure there’s a little bit of room between your measurements and those of the sizes. I originally wanted to get this dress, but I wasn’t sure of the fit (I usually size up by 1-2) and ended up leaving it.
I actually bought this top a few years ago, and I’ve been wearing it quite often since then. The fabric is very light and seems kinda silky? So it’s perfect for summer because it doesn’t warm you up, but if I remember correctly, it also creases somewhat easily if folded. So opt for hanging it up if you do buy this. The shirt is supposed to rest just on the curve of your shoulders and tucked at the front, and I would recommend tucking it if you have rather slim shoulders. If not the shirt kind of slides around your shoulders, or too far front/back.
This sweater is one of those 2-in-1 type tops, first style can be worn as off-the-shoulder like in the picture and second style is like a regular sweater. This is one size fit all, but it’s also more forgiving in size when compared to some of the other items on this list. It seems rather cropped, but something like this from Zara is already $30-$40 when not on sale. It also seems like the top is rather soft and a thick material from the pictures, but double-check reviews and sizing before purchasing.
This has been on my wish list for the longest time, and I almost purchased it but at the time there were no reviews and I wasn’t courageous enough to take the plunge. However, now the verdict is that it’s good and worth it according to the reviews. It’s a sweater crop top with a drawstring bottom, best for Fall and Spring for those who like crop tops. I would recommend the wine red colour, because something just draws me to that colour lol. There’s only one size available, and it’s okay…? Compared to the ranges we’re usually used to, but double check.
For the last item on the list, this is worth it. I bought this last year, and while it’s not as big as in the picture, it fits and drops to about mid-thigh. The material isn’t that soft chiffon we’re used to, it’s thicker (just slightly) and has a slightly rougher fabric texture to it. It’s still pretty light and loose to wear over a camisole or etc.


I hope that you find a few articles of clothing that you’ll like from this little list, I tried to find clothes from the site that have a more forgiving size range but also managed to be styles that never quite die out. I’ll have another list like this out sometime soon, with clothes that I missed on the list. Also feel free to use my friend code above to get 5% off first orders, or 2% off for returning customers (info here). Until next time!


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