I visited the CNE for the 3rd year in a row on Wednesday, I spent a lot more time walking around than I did the previous years so I woke up with very sore legs lol. It was pretty much the same as the last few years, but the atmosphere is what I like best of the CNE.
From the two other times I visited the CNE, I always made a note of certain stalls that I’d like to visit again or should visit the next time I’m there, so it made it somewhat easier to prioritize what I should and shouldn’t spend money on at the CNE. This doesn’t always work though, because there could be new stalls that end up being the site of an unplanned purchase.
This year, I had only three “for sure” purchases in mind:

  1. Jerky
  2. Food I didn’t try last year
  3. Seasonal drink from Tims
I feel that I did manage to somewhat stick to that list, since there were only 2 purchases that weren’t food-related. One of those purchases was a pair of earrings, from the very same stall I got my other pair two years ago. It wasn’t a planned purchase, though I did splurge on it because it would compliment my grad dress. 

The other purchase I made was for 3 wooden roses from a stall that sold them for $1 each, or $10 for a dozen. It was another unplanned purchase but the colours were what drew me in, now it’s found a place on my makeup-cluttered vanity. I only chose 3 roses, because each coloured rose would symbolize each member of my family.

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As for the food purchases, I tried raclette fries from a stall dedicated to raclette & raclette fries. Like most food at the CNE it was on the pricier side, but it was pretty good with the exception of the fries being a little dry.
I also bought some teriyaki flavoured Jerky, a small bag of candy corn, a piece of Oreo Fudge & this candy gel thing. The candy gel reminded me of a similar candy I bought from Sugar Mountain years ago, so I’m hoping it’s the same thing because it was pretty good. However, this year’s feature drink creation from Tim’s kind of missed the mark for me. They were selling Coca Cola Iced Capp, which did interest me at first, but the aftertaste was awful! First sip, and it tasted like a not-so-fizzy cola but then the very bitter (almost like burnt chocolate or burnt coffee) aftertaste would hit you.
I’m not sure if it was just me that didn’t like it, but I probably wouldn’t go buy another one of those. It was kind of disappointing though, considering that the two other years, Tim’s had made creations like the Cotton Candy Chill and the M&M’s Iced Capp, not to mention the Jolly Rancher drink! However, I stopped by the food building before heading home and bought an OG Milkshake from Fran’s.
Even though it seemed that I had my purchases planned out, I totally forgot to bring enough to get one of Fran’s crazy shakes. My splurge on earrings also prevented me from buying a stuffed Corgi toy from the stall in front of the Superdogs show, but then again, there will always be next year!


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