This is probably the first of…I’m not sure how many Back To School hauls I’ll do this year. I know I won’t need a lot but I’m still not sure what I’m going to get.

The order came in quickly but I was out running errands and my dad was the one to receive the package for me. I placed the order on Aug 13th, and it was late at night when I did that.

In turn, the package arrived on Aug 16th. I’m not sure if it was delivered by Canada Post or etc, but that was insanely fast considering we ordered it before the weekend.

There’s also free shipping (with no minimum at the time of writing) for all orders on Staples’ website right now too! Let’s get to stocking up on school supplies!

If I’ll be honest though, I think the majority of people will either shop in-store or opt to not shop at all this year. The reason being, I’ve seen an uptick in people taking digital notes which eliminates the need for most back-to-school supplies we usually get.

So with the exception of specific programs, people are taking notes on Phones, Laptops or Tablets/IPads now. But that doesn’t mean staples doesn’t offer a wide variety of items, so here’s my haul.

  • Printer/Copy Paper
  • Pack of 10 Pencils
  • Pack of Dry Erase Markers
  • Disinfecting Wipes
Disinfecting Wipes

Yeah, I’m surprised that Staples even sells disinfecting wipes! But they were very affordable at $2 CAD for 110 wipes. Of course, we’ll have to see how it fares, but they’re looking good!

The dry erase markers and pencils are part of the joint order but really all I needed right now was the copy paper.

Overall, I hope you enjoyed this short little haul and come back for more hauls and whatnot.


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