Well, I’m not sure for everyone reading this, but many of you may have just started and finished your first week of school. And those of you in the states (or elsewhere in the world) have probably finished your 3rd week or so. So here’s a checkup.

As some of you may know, my previous college program was offered as a hybrid (half online, half in school) back in the fall of 2020. So returning onto campus isn’t that big of a deal to me, the new program is though.

College Life; First Day of School

Let’s just say, the new college is much bigger than my old one. I have in-person classes Tuesday and Wednesday and I believe there are 5+ floors throughout both the campus buildings.

I made the mistake of taking the stairs to the 5th floor, and I’m not going to do that again any time soon. Everything inside seems a little empty, but that was pretty much the same at the other college.

Since the campus is in Mississauga, I end up having to take the GO busses to school. The fare isn’t cheap but it’s considerably cheaper than renting a place near the school (there is no residence). I can’t say I missed early mornings, however. . .

Like back in high school, my college is also located beside a mall. So despite the campus not having a lot of food options, there are more available inside of the mall. I don’t think I’ll be shopping around much though, the busses run pretty close to my class schedule.

So if my class ends at 3 pm, I can catch the 3:10 bus to Yorkdale. If I miss that, I’ll have to wait for the 4:10 bus which isn’t ideal since it’s about an hour to and from school.

What about you guys? Is it your first time back on campus? Or have you been in hybrid like I was? Let me know in the comments!

Stay safe!


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