Fast forward to recently, and I found out that I was offered a seat in the program! There’s still a lot of thinking that needs to be done on my end, but I’m excited. I haven’t been this excited or motivated in a really long time, and that gets me pretty emotional because (not to be dramatic) it sometimes feels like I gave up a part of myself the past few years. And it feels like I’m finally getting back the pieces I gave up.

I’ll admit, the program is expensive compared to the animal care program I was originally part of, rounding up at about $7.3K a year. For a 4 year program, I’m looking at paying close to $30K. I have worries about that but outright without OSAP help, I can afford one full year. According to some friends of mine, OSAP covers a portion that’s kind of close to half the tuition so I should be okay, and I intend to try and work my way throughout college.

Overall, I’m starting a new program and for the next few College Life posts, I’ll be going over updated school information that could be helpful for new students, and also finding some ideas for posts geared towards students switching programs, starting a new program and etc.


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