I am open and welcome to comments on my blog, whether it be to continue a discussion or to bring my attention to some typo that could accidentally pop up in one of my posts and etc. However, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you post that comment.
**I ‘m not here all the time, but I expect  commenters to at least follow the following rules.**
  • Don’t be mean:   this is the fastest way to get your comment removed from this site, and  perhaps get you banned depending on the severity of the comment. Let’s try to keep everything peaceful, please.
  • Don’t  troll: really, try not to  do that. Actually, PLEASE, don’t do that. Those comments will be deleted, and you get the gist of what comes after that if you continue.
  • Do not post any comments containing racism, sexism, homophobia, threats and etc:   This is the biggest no, no, you could ever    do on my blog. Your comment will be deleted, and the user will be banned.
  • Try to keep it PG:   enough said….. *shrugs*
I want the discussions to be civil, and somewhat along the topic. I will not tolerate any rudeness towards other commenters, rude comments and etc. I reserve the right to remove comments, and ban users as needed, and I hope that everyone would come together to make this a safe and fun place to comment and etc.
Updated as of November 2020, send me an email before you self promote in the comments. I know sometimes getting readers or views are hard, but just dropping a link or a line in a comment is not it. I don’t want there to be links popping up to scam sites or inappropriate ones either, as I said above I reserve the right to remove comments and ban users if needed.

Not Sure What To Comment?
Try something along the lines of these:
  • What do you think of the post itself? Too long? Too short?
  • What are your thoughts on the products/items etc?
  • What do you want to see more of on my blog?
  • OR you could also answer some of the random questions I may ask at the very bottom of the blog post.
Thank you to all those who took the time to read this! Happy Commenting!


Toronto-based Beauty and Lifestyle blogger focusing on the world of Korean Skincare and Beauty, particularly product reviews and where to get them in Canada.

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