So after a few boring home packed lunches, I decided (the night before of course) to scope out a nice place to get takeout from. So after comparing a few restaurants, I found COO on Yelp. The reviews were pretty good and I couldn’t wait to try out some of the food items they had on the menu.

What I got was agedashi tofu and omurice. Agedashi tofu is fried tofu with a broth based sauce I believe and omurice is a fluffy omlette on top of rice with a brown sauce all over. Their version of omurice also came with a piece of bok choy.
The tofu was pretty flavourful from the sauce, however if you order it to go, beware the hot sauce on one side of the container. The omurice was wonderful, the omlette was light and fluffy and the rice was the base of most of the flavour which was made even better when you scooped a bit of the sauce onto the omlette/rice combo.
The price isn’t exactly that bad, around $18 for everything if I remember correctly. However I will recommend dropping by to sample some of their dishes, the price board is shown in pictures on their yelp page.
What would you like to try from COO? I’m waiting for a time I can get away to try their brunch menu, let me know in the comments below!


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