The long-awaited review! I mentioned this centella toner from CosRx in a blog post titled ‘Maskne Skincare Tips‘ back in August last year when I had been using it for a little over 6 months.  It’s my first specifically alcohol-free toner ever, so I had high but also low expectations.
Cosrx centella toner

First off, I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be a big enough concentration of centella in the toner to make a difference for my bouts of redness and pimples. I remember seeing the statement somewhere that apart from dedicated products/serums, other products with ingredients added (like this toner) won’t have enough concentration of the added ingredient to make a difference.
It made me pause a little when I came across that because I’d always thought that it would still work either way to some degree, though not as effective as say a dedicated serum. Pushing that aside because I, to this day, still am unsure which is more true.
I did get the toner on sale at a store. I don’t remember the store name, but it was located inside of Pacific Mall. I’ve previously bought some items from that store before so I know they do sell legitimate items. I ended up buying two of the toners at my mom’s urging, and am halfway through my second bottle.
Cosrx Centella Toner Box
At the time I made the switch, I had started to suspect that the old toner I used had been irritating and drying out my skin. The ingredient highest on the ingredients list was denatured alcohol, so I actually tried to look out for alcohol-free or low alcohol toners before I bought the CosRx one.
Cosrx centella toner bottle
It came in a large plastic spray bottle with the spray nozzle and everything already attached and ready to go. Everything about the bottle is fairly sturdy so you bet that I reused the bottle for something else around the house!  The spray is also fairly fine, so there aren’t huge droplets but sometimes a few droplets of the toner will fly at you.
There’s no colour to the toner and seems to be scentless which is nice, but not necessary requirement for me. The centella in the toner does take a little while to work, in my opinion. It took maybe 2-3 weeks of use day and night to see a reduction in the redness I always get in the morning, and I felt that it, alongside some other products, helped to reduce the appearance of pimples.
I don’t think there’s much to say in a review for this toner because it’s pretty straightforward. But I will say look and wait for a sale if you want to try it. Overall it was nice to use, and if I find it on sale again I would buy it again.

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COSRX – Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner 150ml


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