I’ve seen this ampoule around online, both the regular and light versions and didn’t think much of it at first. But, as time went on I got more curious about it and started wondering if I should give it a try. I did get the opportunity to try this product, so here’s the full review of what I thought of it!
Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule Review

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Before we start, this ampoule was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review through a Picky Reviewer program. Go Picky (also known as Picky on my blog) is a skincare app to help you determine if certain skincare products are worth your time, there’s also a great Q&A community on there and a lot of giveaways/prizes you can enter to win free skincare products (you’ll have to write a review for them afterwards!).
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 Before this serum/ampoule, I had never tried a dedicated honey/propolis-based skincare product outside of sheet masks and wash-off masks. I’m not going to lie, but while I do believe the great qualities honey/propolis has in skincare, some products I’ve come across were so heavily scented that I’ve started avoiding anything in skincare that has honey or propolis in it.
In December 2020, I had entered a different giveaway on Picky where circumstances occurred (the brand couldn’t ship to Canada anymore) and I ended up being sent Cosrx’s Propolis Light Ampoule instead. I had already been planning to get a different propolis-based product, so while it did push my plans for that other product back, I was excited but also wary nonetheless.
For the life of me, I cannot tell for sure if the bottle and dropper are glass or plastic. But the design of it is very simple and cute, made to showcase the product inside well. The dropper was rather soft, but I don’t see a problem with that to be honest.
 The ampoule is light, and while it’s watery it also has this “goopiness” to it that reminds me of slightly watered down honey (essentially like a watery-gel consistency, if that makes sense?). There seems to be no scent at all to it (or at least none that I can smell) and a little of the ampoule goes a long way when applied. It’s not super hydrating if used alone, I tried using this and toner as a prep before for foundation and Dr. Jart’s Re-cover cream and there were little flakes shown in the drier parts of my face.
When used in my full routine, it seems to be boosting some of my other products. I’ve used this for maybe 1.5 months and my face in the morning looks very plump and hydrated with a very subtle “glow from within”. It also gave a healthy look to my skin, which is appreciated after coming out from the winter season.

Overall, I’m very delightfully surprised with this serum. I might not buy it again if I run out of a serum, however, if it was on sale I would definitely buy it. My mom loves this so it’s going to likely become a staple in her routine too. I’ll link it down below for anyone who wants to get this!
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