Emulsions are essentially face lotions and are usually watery which helps make it easier to apply and friendly for the summer humidity. I’ve always sat on the fence on whether or not they are a necessary skincare step, so I’m not surprised that this is the first emulsion review I’m doing. Without further ado, Coxir’s Peptide Emulsion >>

To start, and like with all Picky reviews; I received this product from Coxir and Picky in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own!

Now as I mentioned earlier, I have a meh relationship with emulsions. I find that they are a helpful barrier between my skin and the dust outside, but I also feel that sometimes they are a little heavy on my skin – despite the watery consistency.

Coxir’s Intensive Peptide Emulsion is going to be my first emulsion review in a really long time, and my first ever emulsion review through the picky reviewer program. I have Coxir’s Black Snail Collagen Toner and really enjoyed it, so when I saw another Coxir product for review I hopped at the chance.

Coxir Intensive EGF Peptide Emulsion
Coxir Intensive EGF Peptide Emulsion

To start, the box of the emulsion is a very simple colour scheme, with white, black and gold accents which match the bottle inside. The bottle itself is a standard pump bottle, with a rather smooth pump (I blame my new obsession with mechanical keyboards for noticing this). The bottle holds 100mL which I believe is around average for emulsions, I think the biggest bottle of emulsion I had was 150mL.

Like with other products in Coxir’s Intensive EGF Peptide line, this emulsion is supposed to help with the virtualization and firming of your skin and also helps to reduce wrinkles. Personally after using this, I’ve actually noticed that my face has been a little vitalized even when I didn’t get a lot of rest the night before. But the winning caveat for this emulsion is actually the texture and the smell.

The texture is very similar to a serum but with the added viscosity of being a lotion. It will run when left where it is, but sinks very quickly into your skin when applied and settles down to a rather natural feel and finish. But unlike other emulsions I’ve tried so far, I cannot feel this on my skin at all even after a few hours, in the humidity (well as humid as April in Canada can get) or after an entire day out.

Coxir Intensive EGF Peptide Emulsion
Coxir Intensive EGF Peptide Emulsion Texture

And the smell is that of other lotions, not too heavily scented with anything else and that lotion scent kind of dissipates after application. This came as a bit of a surprise because I did find that Coxir’s Black Snail Collagen Toner was much more heavily scented in comparison, both to this emulsion and other toners.

Overall, I think that this emulsion is really worth the try if you’re on the lookout for something new or have combo-oily skin. I don’t think this would work well for dry skin since it’s so light, but it may be worth a try in the summer.


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