The day after Canada Day, my mom and I took a trip to Pacific Mall. We weren’t originally planning to buy anything but of course our plans kind of changed.
Pacific Mall was actually somewhat recently in the news (at the time I started this post) because there were a bunch of seizures of fraudulent goods from some of the stores there. Most if not all of these goods seemed to be fake brand name items, and I believe some were cosmetics too.
My mom and I wondered around the mall  just browsing around a bit and our first goal was to find a baseball cap or a hat with a similar design for me, because the last two caps I had were lent to my dad (Argos hat and a black blue-jays cap). I was specifically looking for a white or light coloured cap with either a really small image or a cute design, picky I know, but I’d rather take weeks to find a hat I like than get one I don’t like and might only wear once.
We then came across this shop on the east side of the mall that sold hats and accessories, it was run by a korean lady i believe, and there was a really large selection for everyone. Even with the large selection, I didn’t really find anything I liked a lot. Until we turned to leave, it was then I found MY hat in the sale basket lol. It was a white cap with a blue-yellow based plaid design on the bill of the cap, and it was on sale for $23. Yes it was on the pricier side, but neither my mom and I wanted to wait 3 months to get a hat from AliExpress, so we got it!
The next item(s) we got were two “scarves” I guess? From a store on the far west side of the mall, the whole store sold anything from scarves, to handbags and clothes. My mom was on her own hat search there when I saw those two scarves, they are both the same design but different colours.   When I asked about them, one of the ladies working there began showing me a whole stack of scarves. While I understand that they’re just doing their job, and trying to get the customer (me) to get more than one scarf, she kept showing scarves to me even after I picked up the two I was interested in. *awkward chuckle*
I find that this is a bit more common in Asian stores, and I’m actually used to this so it didn’t really off put me towards the store. The good thing about their method was that sometimes it actually works and you’ll end up buying more than you originally planned, I already knew what I wanted so I just bought them shortly after, no extras 🙂

Afterwards my mom and I hunted around for car chargers that had two USB slots instead of one, we went into a few stores before giving up. We had gotten one (with one slot) about 3 years ago for $7, but the asking price some of these stores asked for was $25. I didn’t think that it was worth it, and didn’t end up getting one.
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