I probably won’t end up being able to cover all the deals out there, but here’s what I’ve seen so far. Some of them are Boxing Day only, and some may/may not last for the rest of the week and some might be indefinite. 

I was out at Pacific Mall today and let me just say, it seemed like you couldn’t walk more than 3 feet without brushing shoulders or bumping into someone (at least in some areas). One thing I noticed was that the store Debbie is having a closing sale, it’s probably been in effect for a while now because the store was pretty empty. It’s actually sad to see stores closing at P-Mall  because there’s already a good amount of empty storefronts, but there are some good deals to be seen.
There are some Missha lip glosses they’re selling for $2, and the sales attendant said that it’s originally $22. I also noticed some lipsticks (assorted brands) being sold for $6, and Missha Time Revolution Mists were $15. Not too bad actually, there were some other products on sale, but I never saw a tag and didn’t end up asking.
Second store I went into was Tony Moly, which is a few storefronts down from Debbie. I didn’t expect there to be sales, because the few times I go into Tony Moly, they never seem to have good sales lol. However this time, more than a few products were on sale for 50% off.  I noticed that they had the Clio Kill Cover concealers (originally $26.99) and  PeriPera Ink the Airy Velvets ($15~ish) for 50% off, but that’s kind of all I noticed.
I only noted that they had two shades available in the store; Lingerie and the other is Ginger I believe.
The final store I went into was the Multi Brand Shop, right as you walk in, there’s a table/shelf that showcases their new/sale stuff I believe. Right on the top left corner, you’ll see little sheet mask bundles for $5.99 or $7.99. The $5.99 bundle is 5 Aritaum sheet masks (all sheet masks in the bundle are the same, but there are various types available), and the $7.99 bundle is of this brand that begins with farm (I think it’s Farm Stay) and there are 10 pcs.
Before I left though, I also saw some sales on different items sold at Aritaum, which is across from a bubble tea place. I think the Laneige Lip Sleeping Masks were one of those products on sale, and I know Aritaum carries the new flavours/scents.

Bath and Body Works is also one place to note for deals, select body care will range from either $3.95 or $5.95 depending on the line I suppose, then select hand soaps and wallflower refills are $3.50. Honestly, if my favourite stuff are on sale there I’m braving the checkout lines!

LUSH’s Boxing Day sales are really good too, if I’m not mistaken their promotion is BOGO 50%. However, I saw some forums from last year where some people said that LUSH does a BOGO Free promo after boxing day if there’s still leftover stock. 

The Face Shop has a promo for 50% for the first 2 hours (offline stores), then 40% off until Dec 29th.  Pretty good deal, if you can brave the morning that is.

Yves Rocher has a promotion for boxing day for up to 70% off. I’ll make note of that because I’ve been bouncing between three brands for body care, but hands down I love their shampoo.

While these are all of the deals I know of, some brands/stores will reveal their promotions tomorrow morning. So I guess it’s time to set those alarms, and maybe invest in a good coffee maker. Hope this helps anyone scoping for good deals, and make sure you share this post to let others know!


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