There aren’t any words that I can use to describe the feeling when I ended up being able to get this. Long story short, Dear Dahlia is a slightly pricey Korean Beauty brand that I’ve had my eye on. The brand prides itself on being vegan, cruelty free and their products are made with a gentle 8-free formula. Essentially, a brand that I’m not able to usually buy every day price-wise. Now let’s get onto the review!
Personally, I consider the brand to be a luxury k-beauty brand because of the general price point. However,  looking at the price of what’s considered as luxury beauty at Sephora, it’s just slightly cheaper so I’ll leave it up to you to decide. The brand has also been dubbed the “Most Instagrammable Makeup Brand” because of their packaging, which is white marble with accents of silver/rose gold. Also if I’m not mistaken, most if not all of their packaging  is in the shape of an octogon.

The specific Dear Dahlia product I’m reviewing today is their Dual Palette, which has a mix and match of eye shadows and/or a multi-balm. The specific colour I have is called Sunset Romance, and it  has two shimmer eye shadows and one multi-balm. However I think there is another that only has eye shadows, and another that only has multi-balms. I had trouble deciding between Sunset Romance and Lady Oxford, but opted for one with the multi-balm that was more friendly as a lip colour.

I remember seeing some reviews that said the glittery eye shadows showed up better than the matte ones, however, if you aren’t used to using a glittery eye shadow to darken, it might seem weird. In the Sunset Romance dual palette, there’s a light cream/champagne glittery shadow and a medium brown glittery shadow. The first time I used it to make an eye shadow look, I felt that it looked weird because I’ve only used a matte brown colour before then. But the pigmentation is pretty good in comparison to some others I’ve tried.

The dual palettes retail for $32 USD on their website, and on Yesstyle I’ve seen the price fluctuate between $23.97 to $37 CAD. Overall, if you have something like it (like a compact eyeshadow duo or blush duo) it might not be a good time to get it, I’d probably wait until that product is used up before trying this. However if you don’t have a duo compact product, this would make a great treat to yourself or a gift to someone.
I’ll link (affiliate) the product below if you’re interested in learning more about it or purchasing it and my friend code so you can get a small discount. Also, surprise! Expect another blog post later today about the CNE, because it’s a double post today. I’m thinking of sending out 2 posts every so often, but I’m not sure…we’ll see.


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