Going into the cooler fall seasons, sunscreen is still an important skincare product even if the sky is cloudy. Even with many having to wear masks when we go out, you should still wear sunscreen outside unless the mask has UV protection. Dear Klairs’ UV Essence has been a coveted product since its unveiling, and I’ve got my hands on a mini of it to do a review of. Let’s go!

I got this through the app Picky, which is an app made to get honest reviews on products and to help users find products that will meet their skin needs/concerns. Their last update was a little re-haul of the system, so now you’ll get points doing various things on the app and you can use those points to enter Product Reviewer programs to get free products to try. This is not sponsored by Picky by the way, I really like the app so far so I want to be able to share with others this resource.
Dear Klairs UV Essence
The sunscreen wasn’t part of a Reviewer program, rather, it was part of the award for having a top-rated/voted review I think. I got this alongside the By Wishtrend Clear Skin Patches, and you can read that review here. In my opinion, the brand ‘Dear, Klairs’ has a great reputation for products to soothe the skin/for sensitive skin so I was really excited to finally try something from the brand.
Dear Klairs UV Essence
The items came fairly quickly directly from South Korea, and I waited a few days before starting to test out the sunscreen. The first thing I noticed about it was that it had little to no scent, which is nice in sunscreen. I find that sunscreens now either have prominent fragrances or are “fragrance-free” but smell very much like a container of chemicals. This however kind of smells like nothing, well more like a blank state but yeah.
Dear Klairs UV Essence
The consistency was the most interesting in my opinion though. It was soft but held its shape. It spread easily on your skin and had no white cast, but best of all was the soft airy essence texture. It didn’t make the skin sticky, and it kept a semi-matte or velvet-like sheen on the skin so you aren’t looking very matte or very shiny. It’s almost a perfect balance.
My only annoyance (which isn’t a big deal really) about this is that it’s too good at making you feel like you don’t have sunscreen on, so you forget to cleanse your skin properly (if you’re like me and have different cleansing styles). I think after I’m finished with this and my other sunscreens, I might look into getting more of this if I can find it.

Overall, I do recommend this and I understand why everyone went gaga over this when it came out. It sure lived up to the hype, in my opinion. I didn’t check the price yet, so that would probably be the only make-or-break factor to this product.


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