I was just checking my account on YesStyle and then I realized that I had forgotten to do a few hauls from some orders I did back around December and April. Looking back on the content of the hauls, I remembered that they were items that I had been looking forward to review. However, because of how many items there are in the order, I’ll probably end up spreading this out between 2 or 3 posts. I’ll also have some reviews up on the items that I’ve already tried. This post will cover the order/haul I did back in December.
So back in December, I had ordered some things from YesStyle.  Approximately 7 items at least. I don’t know what the reason was for ordering these things, but hey I’m not complaining! I vaguely remember using some of these items since then, and some of them are kind of sitting around waiting to be put to use.
The first item in the order was this cotton face mask in the colour black, now for this specific product I remember the reason why I got this. This was to help protect my face from the cold winds of winter because exposure to very cold wind causes my skin to break out  a little.
​Another reason why I got this was because my friends and I had planned to make some K-pop dance covers, and I had planned to wear this so my face wasn’t fully shown in the video. It’s still a great multi-purpose product though. The mask cost about $2.37 CAD at the time.
The next item I got was  a pack of heat less hair curlers,   I got the wavy version with 9 long pieces and 9 short pieces. It cost about $7.64 CAD, so it was affordable . I had actually tried them when they first arrived but I wasn’t exactly pleased with the results, that was back when I had super long hair so now that my hair is cut shorter, I’ll probably give it another try. The whole concept of the heat less curlers are pretty cute and convenient though.
The third item I got in this haul was  one of those clamp style eyelash curlers,  the curler came in two sizes, small and large. From the pictures, the large one was a regular eyelash curler that we’re mostly used to, and the small one was the one I had bought. I had started using eyelash curlers sometime in middle school but stopped after a few uses , because they almost always clamped down on my eyelid rather than my lashes and my eyes would feel so weird afterward. I got this for $3.74. 
The fourth and fifth items from this haul  were two gel nail polishes from the Korean beauty brand A’PIEU.  The two colours I got were PP01 and SV03. One of them was $6.79 and the other was $8.99. PP01 was this very dark purple-red colour with glitter, and SV03 was this clear-blue glittery  colour. I loved both of them, even though the colour wasn’t exactly as shown in the pictures. It was slightly different when it finally dried on my nails.
The sixth item was a peel off nail polish that I had intended to use to clean up the nail polish that would get on the sides of my nails and etc. At the time I got it, the peel off polish was about $4.24. It’s a really useful product, but it unfortunately causes a few hang nails.
The very last product I got in this haul was a watch that looked fairly similar to a Daniel Wellington watch, however, it was only $12.40! It had a white watch face, and a coffee coloured strap (you get to choose between a few combinations already available), and the watch came with batteries. Score! However, I don’t actually remember if the battery was already placed inside of the watch, or if I had to put the battery in.

**Please note; I do not own any of the images in this blog post, they were retrieved from Yesstyle.com’s product images. All rights go back to  Yesstyle/the owners of the pictures**
What did you think about the items I got? And which item are you looking forward to reading a review about? Let me know in the comments below!


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