I was so busy with school during September that I forgot to do a Real Talk topic, and I’m so sorry. So for October there’s going to be a regular Real Talk tag, and an additional one to make up for the one I missed in September. Topics discussed include; Royal Winter Fair, Kosmetopia Advent Calendar, and the Pony X Mac collab to name a few.

First off, the Royal Winter Fair is something I mentioned in a previous blog post some time last month. (Read that here). I mentioned that this event is akin to being an indoor CNE for me, and it partially is. You’ll see a lot of vendors selling goods, such as jerky, gourmet lollipops, fudge and etc. Not to mention, you’ll get to see a lot of animals being shown off, and if I’m not mistaken there’s a small petting zoo area where you can feed some of the animals.
I don’t know if many people go anymore, because when we were taken there as kids in middle school, I’m pretty sure most students hated it. I never did hate it, but I found it nice to get out of the classrooms once and a while. Especially since I’m almost always buried in a book. So if you have the chance of visiting it this year, I highly recommend it. If you have kids, bring them along too! Just be mindful that sometimes the animals are mean and can accidentally scare the kids out of their minds Lol.
If you do go, I recommend finding the Carmichael Smoked/Cured meats stall (if you eat meat). They have a nice selection from the classic (beef, pork etc.) to the exotic (duck, kangaroo, veal, etc.) for pepperoni, and a fair selection of jerky. There is also this gourmet lollipop store with some pretty cool flavours; pina colada, root beer and cotton candy to name a few. I haven’t been to the Royal Winter Fair in years now, so I’m sure some vendors have changed.
It’s still about a month away, but I hope you have fun if/when you go!

Secondly, Yesstyle’s Kosmetopia Advent Calendar. I think it’s hard to miss this announcement because it’s usually the talk of the internet when it’s announced, for those first hearing about this… Every year (well for the past two years at least), an online retailer called Yesstyle will curate an advent calendar with approx. 24 full sized K-beauty products. This year, the advent calendar is a very cute pink colour with it’s own creatures all over the calendar.
Image from Yesstyle.com
The value of the products inside of the box are supposed to be over $350 USD, and currently (on the app) it costs about $187.52 CAD but I think that’s subject to change depending on your Yesstyle rank or etc. I saw an unboxing video of this year’s advent calendar on The Beauty Breakdown’s (Morgan Stewart’s) Youtube channel, and let me just say I really like what you are very likely to get in the calendar.
I’m pretty sure everyone who orders will be getting similar items, but not entirely the same box. I’m very likely not going to end up getting the box this year (college expenses are killing me lol) but there’s always the next year. If I’m not mistaken, I think you can pair up the friend codes/discount codes with this? Not sure though.
Let me know if you end up buying this!

Third on this discussion list; Pony X MAC’s collaboration. I didn’t even know this was happening but I’m so excited! I’m pretty sure this is out in stores in Canada, because I can see if certain items are available in store but I’ve yet to pass by a MAC store. So please don’t quote me on this Lol.
Her collection with MAC includes; 9 matte liquid lips, 1 plumping lip gloss, 1 Prep + prime fix+, 2 makeup brushes (one eye-shadow brush & one face powder brush), an 8 colour eye-shadow palette, 2 highlighters and a pair of false lashes.
I love the packaging for the products, and I’m very drawn to the eyeshadow palette, the highlighters and the lashes.
The eyeshadow palette looks like it’s perfect for fall, and any other season too of course but the launch time is perfect. The 9 shades of the liquid lip look amazing, but I’d be a little nervous wearing any of them out around town.​
Pony Effect products are not necessarily expensive, because they seem to be cheaper than most 3CE products. But with that being said, they aren’t necessarily as cheap as Etude House for example. So honestly, I’m not surprised that some of the most expensive items in this launch are upwards of $40 CAD. The 3 most expensive in this line retails for $43, $46 and $69.
If you’ve taken a look at the lineup, it’s $43 CAD for the highlighters and $46 for the palette. It’s not necessarily the most expensive that I’ve seen, but a little too steep for this little chickie. I had thought about splurging for the highlighter, but I still have the one I bought from NYX and I didn’t want to waste it considering that I don’t wear makeup as often. I’ll let you all know if/when I get something from this collection.

Once again, I apologize for forgetting about the September Real Talk topic. I hope you liked my little bits of commentary on these 3 topics, but I didn’t want to say more (like whether or not I thought the highlighters are great for every skin tone) because I’m not that knowledgeable (yet) on these things. I’m also a little behind on my blog post, so I’ll link it here when I’m done


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