Another week going by and another weird but interesting product to try and showcase. Honestly all I was opting to get that day were a few bags of chips, but I also remember seeing that the supermarket had a beauty section and decided to explore. In the end I ended up spending about $9 more on a hair product LOL.
Prior to starting with my haircare stuff, I saw terms on products being thrown around, such as; hair essence, curling essence, hair tonic, etc. I never got any of them because I didn’t think a beginner would need them yet, but now that I’m not so new to haircare products I felt that I could start experimenting around with different products.
The first I’m trying that’s a styling product is Elastine’s Camellia Black Curling Essence. So I’m guessing it’s got the same or somewhat similar properties as a heat or curl protecting product, but maybe it’s a little less thick because it’s an essence. First off, the tube is a very pale pink with other colours but manages to look slightly classy. 
The essence is white in colour and pretty watery, it also has a scent to it. Smells kind of sugary, and it’s overpowering a little when you first apply it but dampens down a little afterwards. I don’t immedietly style my hair after drying so I put the product in and let it sit for a little bit before I style. The first time I tried it I didn’t do anything special, just a simple blow dry and my hair was very slightly wavy.​
So I don’t think that using the product itself without any fancy blow drying technique would result in much difference. Anyways,  I used this after washing my hair during one week and the first time I skipped it, I immedietly went back to using it. It tames the frizz a little, and makes my hair rather smooth.
Left side is what my hair looks like if I don’t use the curling essence, and right is if I do use it. There isn’t that big of a difference, but if you curl your hair after using this (curling essence + heat protectant) I find that the curl lasts a bit longer. Without any fancy styling, my slight waves just look a bit more neat, and not as frizzy when brushed out.


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