*Insert very big smile emoji here* I’m so happyyyy!!!! I got this from one of my friends for my birthday this year, and I’m over the moon! I honestly have no idea why I never got up to buying it since I discovered it online, but it’s now time to make up for the time wasted!
So going back to my blog post about the top 15 beauty items I was very keen to try, the Elizavecca Clay Mask was number 14 or so but was one of the products I said that I’d get “next time” (I actually forgot lol). Though in the past, I bought the Elf bubble mask (I think it’s called?) which is a similar-ish product to the clay mask but (without the clay part) it ended up irritating my skin.
So keeping that experience in mind, I cautiously tried out the product on my hand first and then did a small batch test along my jaw. When I figured that everything went well, I immediately put it all over my face. It didn’t irritate my skin at all, and didn’t leave it dry after washing it off.
However, I will note that because it’s a clay mask, you might have some trouble washing it off/getting it off your skin. I honestly haven’t found a good way to do so either, so I massage the product into my skin with wet hands/extra water then use a face towel to gently wipe away the leftover product.
Please be gentle if you’re going to use a face towel because you might irritate the heck out of your already deep cleaned skin if you roughly wipe/scrub at your face. The product could also seem to be good for all skin types because the dry spots on my face didn’t get very dry after using the mask.
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All in all, if you’re in the market for a new face mask product, I would recommend the Elizavecca Carbonated Clay Mask. It’s not that far out of range price wise, and a little goes a long way when using the mask.

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