A while back I did an October Korean Beauty Haul during a short trip to Pacific Mall. This hair mask is one of the items I had picked up. It is advertised as a do it yourself oil treatment for hair (for permed and coloured, I believe) that would give it a healthy shine and texture. Click “read more” to see how it worked out!

The directions said to shampoo and rise your hair then towel dry before putting the oil into your hair. Afterwards you put your hair into the cap with more…..stuff and massage it thoroughly. Lastly you wait about 10-15mins before rinsing with warm water. I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to condition afterwards so I did….if I was wrong or etc. please let me know!
Anyways as soon as I started rinsing the products off I could immedietly tell that there was a difference. My hair felt way smoother than it would with the products I use every other day when I wash my hair. And when I started blow drying (I know I shouldn’t but it would take 3 hours to naturally dry my hair) I was done, this product was amazing! I haven’t used any type of hair mask before so I was pretty happy with the results.
The only thing is, is that it was about $8 (at the time) for that one mask. . .so it would be up to you to decide if you would want to get it or not. I’m not sure how long this would last but for now, the verdict is: get it, even just once to try it. The product has a nice indescribable smell however, a little like green tea but I can’t be sure.
Have you tried this hair mask before? How did you like it? Would you try this hair mask? Let me know in the comments!
You can use the link below to get the hair mask! (Affiliate Link)


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