Normally, I like to write individual reviews but because one of them is rather short, I opted to combine these two Etude House products into one double feature review. One of the products is a bubble hair dye and the other is a fingernail repair mask.  It’s my first time trying these products so I’m pretty excited about that, but also cautious, especially with the hair dye.
Surprisingly, the bubble hair dye is the only product I got from Yesstyle. The nail mask I actually grabbed from a miniso  uptown while I was shopping for something else. I didn’t really expect either product to work very well but I was pleasantly surprised. First off, the bubble hair dye was something I had seen around a lot, both on Yesstyle and on Youtube. There were also a lot of bubble dye options, but at the time I bought it, it was one of the cheaper options.

However, like most hair dyes, I don’t know if it will work on dyeing or tinting very dark hair. If you know/remember, about 2 years ago I had done a purple ombre on my dark hair at a salon and it took 2 bleaching sessions for my hair to properly be able to show the right colour. So that’s kind of saying something for how dark my hair actually is. Anyways, I honestly didn’t expect it to work a lot, maybe a light tinting at best and no results is the worst case scenario.
Inside of the box, you get a plastic sheet to protect your clothes, a pair of plastic gloves, the hair dye components and pump bottle, and a small packet of conditioner. I think it’s fairly around the same products for other bubble dyes, so there shouldn’t be too much difference there. What sets the bubble dye apart from regular box dyes in other countries is that when pumped out, it turns into this foam rather than the paste we typically see.
Now I’m not exactly why this is, (why it would come out as a foam) but I assume it’s an innovation thing because the typical tube dyes take at least an hour and a half? And I think this asks for less time than that, don’t quote me on this though LOL. Anyways, when I finished with the dye and washed it off, it seemed like nothing changed. But the next day in the sun, my hair was tinted a very dark wine red colour. So honestly, I would call it a success! I’m fairly certain that it would work best for those with light hair, but for those with dark hair, be prepared for some tinted hair that lasts a bit.

Moving on, I actually had to wait a pretty long while before I used the nail mask because my nails were in okay shape. I waited until the winter when I used gel nail polish on my nails and I gave it about 3 days of rest before I tried the nail mask. Now I wasn’t sure if it was just to be used as a regular mask or a mask that’s used after removing gel nail polish (because sometimes the nails can look a little beat up afterwards). 

There were 10 little finger cap things inside of the package  (that’s separated into 2 sections) and there’s two larger sized caps for the thumbs. It was more than awkward having those little caps on, you literally can’t do anything for 10-15 minutes while they’re on or you’ll wipe the essence everywhere. I just honestly set myself up with a 15-20 minute video to keep myself distracted.
In the end, I liked using that mask because my nails didn’t really feel dry or weak afterwards. For about $2 CAD at miniso, I’m actually thinking on stocking up on some of those masks to use after I remove gel nail polish. I’ve tried other methods like cuticle oil, this nail vitamin layer thing and etc, and they worked but not to this level. So I’m guessing that if I were to layer them like; mask, cuticle oil, nail vitamin layer….. that it would work out nicely to heal (I don’t know if that’s the word) the nail layer. Or in the very least, make it seem more moisturized.

At the end of the day, would I recommend both Etude House products? Yes! They’re pretty affordable ($16.50 for the dye, and $2-$3 for the mask) so I don’t think there’s anything to lose here. However, I would recommend that those who have done a bubble dye to wait a bit before using another bubble dye. I remember hearing gossip that the dyes can dry out your hair, and I remember my hair feeling dry  but I cannot say for sure because my hair was still kind of dry on the ends from a bad hair product.
I hope my review helps you if you’re looking into these products, or if you think it might help a friend or someone you know please feel free to share it! You can also use the (affiliate) links below to purchase the products. *For the hair dye, I think they discontinued the one I used but this is the closest colour


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