Etude House now has a rather vast collection of eyeshadow palettes, and I don’t think they’ll slow down anytime soon. This year, I remember seeing the promotion pictures for the Bakery palette, the Rose Bomb palette and I found the Lingerie Backstage palette on Yesstyle. Let’s check it out.

Originally, I had planned on getting the Rose Bomb palette but it was a bit more expensive than Lingerie Backstage (at the time of purchase) so I ended up getting the latter.  Taking a closer look at the two palettes, I find that they aren’t that different so you can probably get away with only getting one.
As I said before, the two palettes are pretty similar except the Rose Bomb palette has that one very fuchsia shade, and at least two deep berry-type shades. The colours in the lingerie backstage  are kind of those soft lingerie-type colours (hence the name) but some of the shimmer shades remind me of backstage lights.
In the palette there are 15 shades in total, there are 7 mattes (1 of which seems like it can’t decide between being a matte or a shimmer), 5 shimmers and  3 glitter shades. You can pretty much guess which of them are which, but I’ll probably put an edited image showing them below.
There’s no smell to the palette when you take it out for the first time, but if you stick your nose right up against the eyeshadows there’s a slight makeup-type scent to it. Not sure how to explain it, but it reminds me of a fresh makeup remover lol. I tend to layer/build-up my eyeshadow to I can’t tell you if there’s any fallout in the pan but I didn’t notice any fallout on my face when I apply it.
I tend to use my fingers to apply the shimmer and glitter shades when I use them because I find it easier to control the amount applied onto the eyelid, but I’ve tried applying the shimmers with a brush and it’s alright, but I can’t tell if it’s just me not picking up enough product lol. The glitter and shimmer shades are very smooth though.
The swatches for the shades in the first row. 

The swatches for the shades in the middle row. 

The swatches for the shades in the last row.


Overall, I think my first K-beauty palette purchase went well! I’m a couple days late for releasing this blog post because school picked up and  ended up coming home and immedietly blacking out, but I think the next blog posts (Nov 13) should be on time.
I’ve linked the Rose Bomb Palette in a picture above for those who want to buy it, but the Lingerie Backstage palette seems to be currently unavailable on Yesstyle right now. I hope you liked this review and the swatches (yes I know some of them didn’t show well on camera, they matched the colour of my underarm in the light), and let me know your thoughts on this palette or the Rose Bomb one!
~ See you in the next one!


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