Since I started skincare, I’ve been using an exfoliant of some sort. Neogen’s original exfoliating gauze was my first introduction to chemical and physical exfoliants, and I decided to change things up by trying this exfoliating pad from Bellamonster. Have you heard of it or curious to learn more? Then you need to read this review!

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I had seen the brand Bellamonster on Yesstyle a few times, and I decided to try their peeling pads on a whim. At the time of ordering it, I was almost finished with my last Neogen Peeling Gauze container (this was the lemon scented one). For those who are new to this, the Neogen Peeling Gauze is both a chemical and physical exfoliant.

​Each version (I’m talking about the original ones here, not the expanded line) has a different chemical exfoliant; green tea is tea tree, red wine is resveratrol and lemon is a mix of lactic and glycolic acids along with lemon, orange and papaya extracts. ​

But all have one thing in common; the peeling gauze physical exfoliator. One side of the pad is plush, and the other is a little rough to scrub away dead skin. But, the pads from Bellamonster are plush and contain a very gentle chemical exfoliant. ​

There are close to 6 different solution pads offered by Bellamonster, but, only 4 are exfoliants; Stress Out (Carrot), Pore Out (Watermelon), Sensitive (Seaweed) and Pore Closing (Mint). The Mint Pore Closing one is the hybrid exfoliant style like the Neogen ones. ​

I ended up getting the Pore Out Solution Pads (Watermelon) because they were on sale at the time, and let me say that the heavy watermelon and herbal scent is so strong when you open the product.  It doesn’t linger on your skin when you use it, but it’s super-concentrated in the container. ​

There are about 70 pads in this one, and some of the other ones (not sure which) have 90 pads. Already, depending on the price you get this for, it can be a bargain when compared to the original Neogen ones that only have 30 pads. But, I feel that there’s a big difference between the two. ​

I find that the Bellamonster ones don’t exfoliate enough if you’re using it once or twice a week like me, I think you’ll need to use it every day or every few days for the best results. It’s kind of intended for more frequent use because it’s a gentle exfoliator and there’s also a lot in each tub, but I wanted to see how it went if I kept on my regular schedule. ​

With that being said, it still leaves your face very smooth and will brighten your complexion a bit with continued use. This specific solution pad is supposed to clarify and shrink pores and cool, refresh and moisturize the skin. It does all that, but I personally haven’t seen any pore shrinkage lol. It does help maintain your pores so they don’t have as much gunk between uses, and I’m guessing that is why the pores will look smaller. ​

All in all, I did enjoy this from Bellamonster. But, I’m the type of person that prefers to only exfoliate once a week or less. I do prefer the Neogen Pads over this, but as a student, I’ll buy whichever is on sale. I will be looking into their toning pads to help with pore care in the future and similar products because this raised the bar on that. ​

If you’re interested in buying the Bellamonster Pore Out Solution Pads, I’ve linked them below!


BELLAMONSTER – Pore Out Solution Pad 70 pcs


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