Remember how I got two anti-aging gift sets from the brand O Hui during The Face Shop’s warehouse sale a while back? Well, I used the larger of the two sets to conduct my experiment. The experiment is to see how my skin looks after using anti-aging skincare for 30 days, there could be a large difference or no difference at all, but I’m curious enough to try it.
*P.s if you’re reading this, it means I’ve gotten my results! Click “Read More” to find out about what happened!*
*I conducted this experiment from October 7th to November 7th, to try and get as much results as possible without actually fully committing to the routine altogether. This was only to show the differences & after look of using anti-aging skincare for about a month.*
The set was about $8 CAD at the warehouse sale and contains; a 20ml skin softener (toner essentially), a 20ml emulsion (lotion), a 3ml pump style essence, a 7ml cream, and a 5ml eye cream. So depending on the full price of this set, I would consider getting it for the softener, essence and eye cream alone. Because while the amount of product seem minuscule, it should be enough to get lasting results after a month.
My usual skincare products are; TFS Rice Ceramide Toner, TFS Jeju  Volcanic Lava Pore Serum (essence), It’s Skin  Power 10 Vitamin B6 (controls sebum), TFS Green Tea Waterful Serum, Milky Dress Wrinkle & Whitening Eye Cream and Belif’s Aqua Bomb Cream. It seems extensive, but my skin is hydrated and very smooth afterwards, so win!

Night 1

  • The first night    I began using the set​, I could already tell the difference between my normal toner and the anti-aging one. The skin softener is slightly thicker than my regular toner and has a creamy-white colour to it, but it absorbs rather quickly.
  • The essence is also super thick and retains it’s shape after being pumped out of the bottle, it also has this yellow-ish tinge to it that I associate with snail mucus or fermented ingredients.
  • The eye cream is somewhat slightly solid at first and turns buttery when you touch it, and with that being said, it’s a lot thicker than my original eye cream.
  • Finally, the cream is much thicker than Belif’s aqua bomb. It’s also got this bouncy-tacky texture that’s somewhat common with skincare made for mature skin types.
The set is very lightly scented, so it’s good for those who don’t like heavily scented products.

Night 10

Approx. after ten days, I began to notice a few things about  my skin. When I wash my face in the morning, I don’t feel as if I’m washing any excess product away because it has all absorbed into my skin. That being said, because of how much product that’s being absorbed into my skin, I saw that I would end up with a lot less sebum (oil) by the end of the day. Which is a pretty big deal because I have oily-dry combo skin, and by the end of the day it looks as if I ran a marathon or something.

Night 27

Near the end of the trial period, I’ve literally only used up about a quarter of the toner and everything else looked like it was very lightly used. So weird…  However, the results of my little experiment were pretty prominent but I won’t go over it here. I did notice, however, that my skin produced less sebum while using the anti-aging skincare. This I summed up to the skincare being heavier than my usual ones in my routine, so it moisturized my skin well enough that producing excess sebum wasn’t necessary I guess LOL.

One Month Later

Exactly one month from October 7th,  I  ended the little experiment and here’s what I noticed:

  • The small amount of wrinkles under my eye wasn’t as prominent
  • My face felt slightly more firm
  • My under-eye area wasn’t as sunken-in as before
My mom who had been doing the same routine as me said she also noticed a difference afterwards, but we aren’t sure if this is going to be long lasting if we stop the routine. Other than that, I would recommend dabbling in one or two anti-aging skincare products to slow down the rate you can get wrinkles and etc. You don’t necessarily have to use one who anti-aging skincare routine, one or two products are more than enough but it’s your choice based on preference and etc.


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